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The Triathlete

Swim, Bike, and Run, if you live by those 3 words than this program is for you! Train for your next triathlon by traveling the world to beautiful cities! Shred minutes off your time and aim for a new personal record.

  • Intensity Level: Intermediate
  • Number of Workouts: 20
  • Number of Running Workouts: 10
  • Number of Cycling Workouts: 10
  • Workouts:
    • Corsica (Run)
    • French Riviera (Run)
    • Portland, Oregon (Run)
    • Venice, Italy (Run)
    • Norway (Run)
    • Times Square (Run)
    • Zion’s National Park ( Run)
    • Palm Springs, CA (Run)
    • Kaua’i (Run)
    • Switzerland (Run)
    • Pike’s Place (Bike)
    • Oregon Coast (Bike)
    • Moab, Utah (Bike)
    • Sweden (Bike)
    • Michigan (Bike)
    • Nice, France (Bike)
    • Lake Geneva (Bike)
    • Boise, Idaho (Bike)
    • Corsica (Bike)

Ready, Set, Go!

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