Century Training

12 Week Century Training Program

Get ready for cycling season with our Century Training program. Based on percentages of your threshold wattage, this training program is for any cyclist that wants to have their best century performance yet. Simply test your threshold level and review the percentage of maximum effort descriptions to personalize the training program to you. It’s time to put your power meter and legs to work as you reach a new level of fitness. =Before beginning this program you will need to complete a 20 min Lactate Threshold Test. Begin with a 10 minute warm-up increasing your RPMs every couple of minutes. Once your warm up is complete, you will begin your 20 minute test. The objective is to keep your watts as high as you can for 20 mins. At the conclusion of the 20 minute test you will want to record the average amount of watts you maintained during the 20 minutes. Be sure to cool down before getting off your bike. Never tested your Lactate Threshold before? We will walk you through step-by-step how to complete the test. Learn How Rest Rest *Cross Training Day Rest *Cross Training Day Rest Recovery Week *Cross Training Day Rest *Cross Training Day Rest *Cross Training Day Rest *Cross Training Day Rest Recovery Week Recovery Ride (70-75% LT) 30 miles (48.28 Kilometers) *Cross Training Day Rest *Cross Training Day *Rest *Cross Training Day *Rest *Rest *Rest *CENTURY RACE DAY! *YOU EARNED THIS REST DAY! Base Building Ride: The first three weeks of this program will be spent building your aerobic base. You complete these rides at 75-80% and 80-85% of your Lactate Threshold. General Aerobic Ride: The General Aerobic rides contribute to your aerobic base. These rides are crucial to your overall success. You will complete these rides at 80-85% and 85-90% of your Lactate Threshold. Hill Intervals: Interval Rides will increase your speed and overall aerobic capacity.To get the maximum benefit from interval training, it is important to allow adequate recovery time between intervals. Intervals should start before your heart rate and oxygen uptake have returned entirely to normal. If you are using a heart rate monitor, wait for your heart rate to drop to 60 or 65% of your maximum heart rate. If you are using perceived exertion to decide, wait until your breathing has returned to it's almost normal depth and rate. Speed: The focus of this day is to increase your speed and complete the suggested milage at 90-100% of your Lactate Threshold. Your LT was measured in WATTS in the 20 minute test performed prior to the start of this plan. It would be very helpful to calculate these numbers before you begin. These rides will increase strength and overall speed. Endurance Ride: The purpose of these longer rides are to improve your endurance by continuing to increase your base. These longer rides will help you build a tolerance to being on the bike for longer periods of time and allow you to practice race day nutrition. You will need to know 90-95% of your Lactate Threshold. Cross Training: Cross training can be weight training, swimming, plyometrics, pilates, yoga, etc. It would be especially beneficial to focus on strengthening the posterior chain and including movements which involve hip abduction. REST: Sleep, hydration and good nutrition are all key ingredients of the recovery process. The better you recover, the more you will get out of future workouts and the more you will improve. This program was designed by iFit Head Master Trainer, Natalie Vetica.

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