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Activity tracking

Get automatic activity tracking through your device using iFit.

  • Pair your wearable with the iFit Coach app to track your activity.
  • Watch your fitness tracker auto-detect whenever you begin activities.
  • iFit automatically keeps track of your steps and movements.

Delivers feedback and tips

Access exciting tips that will help you improve your daily routine.

  • View your activity and track your progress as you move daily.
  • Stay motivated with personalized tips from experts, based on your data.
  • Enhance your lifestyle with daily activities to stay energized.

Helps you reach daily goals

Stay motivated with the help of your iFit Coach app and wearable.

  • Receive a unique daily step goal with your personalized fitness plan.
  • Watch your goals adjust to complement your exercise and nutrition plan.
  • Reach your fitness targets easily with guidance from iFit.

Comprehensive insights and data

As your unique stats and data are gathered in the app, iFit will give you personalized feedback that will help you increase your activity throughout your day.

Health tip examples:
  • Burn those calories!

    Doing house and yard work burns extra calories. In 15 minutes, the average person can burn 51 calories sweeping or 43 calories bathing the dog.

  • Desk job slowing you down?

    Stay active during the day. Set an alarm to get up and move every hour, stay hydrated, or use an exercise ball for a chair.

  • Make time.

    If you can't do a long sweat session, fit in a 20-minute workout, or break it up into 3, 10-minute increments throughout the day.

  • It's the little things…

    Do sit-ups during commercials, calf-raises while doing dishes, and pace while on the phone to burn extra calories every chance you get.

  • Small changes, big results.

    Not enough minutes to reach 10,000 steps a day? Walk to work, take the stairs, or set an alarm on your iFit band to tell you when to move.

  • Are you an active couch potato?

    Why do we keep telling you to stand and stretch your legs? Even if you exercise, you should stay as active as possible throughout the day.

Automatic goal flexibility

When iFit tracks your activity, it will intelligently influence other aspects of your fitness plan, so you will always stay on track to reach your daily goals

    Goal examples:
  • Activity
    Goal: 10,000 steps
    Actual steps taken:13324

    Step goal surpassed

    You've gone beyond your recommended step goal for the day! We've adjusted your plan to include 240 more calories that you can consume while staying on track for your goals.

    Goal: burn 500 cals
    Actual calories burned:500
    Eat: 2,400 cals
    Actual calories eaten:2400

Today's net calorie goal: -200 calories

Communication between devices

Your fitness tracker pairs with the iFit Coach app and your equipment.

Suggested workouts on your equipment adjust, according to your activity.

By following your plan, you will confidently reach your calorie burn goals.

  • Activity's role in health

    When you walk around the store, play with your kids, or stand at work, you're burning calories!

  • Constant calorie burn

    By adjusting your daily choices, such as increasing your daily steps, you will burn more total calories, so you don't have to exercise as hard or as long each day.

  • Knowledge at your fingertips

    By tracking and understanding your activity in relation to exercise and nutrition, it becomes a tool to amplify your weight loss.

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