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Benefits of HIIT

Becca Capell

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5 Benefits of High Intensity Interval Training(HIIT)

Get a quick burn in: We are all busy, and we are programmed to love efficiency. The faster the better, and that is exactly what HIIT delivers. Burn the calories of a standard workout in half the time with high intensity exercises.

Burn more calories: When you push yourself to your limits, your heart rate stays elevated even when you are recovering. Which means to continue to burn calories at a faster rate than normal. Your metabolic rate increases and you burn calories far faster than a consistent intensity workout.  This translates to more fat loss and a fitter, faster you.

Teach your body to cope with little recovery: The foundation of HIIT is to push yourself to a non maintainable level of intensity, so you depend on recovery time. Never allow yourself to get back to resting, with this format of workout, your HR and RPE (rate of perceived exercision) increase as sets go by, and pace remains constant due to the partial recovery. You train your body to work through fatigue.

Work your heart: By pushing your heart to a higher BPM you get the same cardio benefits without taking as long to do it. Your heart will get in better shape than performing strength training alone, and you will reduce your risks for heart problems later in life.

Challenge yourself: It really is amazing seeing what your body can do for a short period of time as opposed to a long, sustained endurance type effort. See how fast you can sprint for just 20 seconds, how many watts you can produce with a true maximum effort of 30 seconds or less.

Starting with a 30/30 (30 seconds work, 30 seconds rest)  set up can be a great way to start any HIIT workout program, and for more advanced participants a Tabata timing of 20/10 can really pick up the level of intensity.  Some great movements to incorporate into your next HIIT exercise are : incline sprints (10-30%), maximum watts repeats, burpees, push-up to row, kettlebell swings, jump lunges, squat jumps, pull ups, and many more.

Just remember, you can do anything for 30 seconds!

Becca Capell
iFit Head Trainer

WARNING: This post is not intended to replace the advice of a medical professional. The above information should not be used to diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease or medical condition. Please consult your doctor before making any changes to your diet, sleep methods, daily activity, or fitness routine. iFit assumes no responsibility for any personal injury or damage sustained by any recommendations, opinions, or advice given in this article.

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