Celebrate Mother Earth in the Wonderful World Challenge

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We’ve walked, biked, rowed, and jogged in truly remarkable places from all across the United States and into many other countries. We’re lucky to have the opportunity to bring you along with us as we explore these scenic destinations all over the world. While we always appreciate the sights and sounds our world offers with Global Workouts, we honor our incredible planet even more this month.

The Wonderful World Challenge is a celebration of Mother Earth. This month’s Challenge features workouts that will take you all over the globe, allowing you to explore regions that inspire awe. From deserts and beaches to forests and mountain peaks, you’ll get a grand tour of all the breathtaking flora and fauna that make up the fabric of our natural world.

If you complete all of the workouts from your selected level for the Wonderful World Challenge by April 30, 2022, you’ll earn an exclusive digital reward that will be viewable in your Trophy Case! Ready to start exploring? 

Here are this month’s Challenge levels:

Treadmill and elliptical workouts

Worldly Walking: Walk alongside your favorite iFIT Trainers with 8 walking workouts on your treadmill or elliptical. Take in the scenic vistas of French Polynesia, Africa, Wales, Easter Island, and more.

Join Worldy Walking

Globetrotter Hiking: Hike some of the world’s most breathtaking mountains and rock formations on your treadmill or elliptical. Take on 8 hiking workouts in Nepal, Japan, Ecuador, the Grand Canyon, and other notable destinations. 

Join Globetrotter Hiking

Planetary Running: Explore Mother Earth’s most stunning locations with 8 running workouts on your treadmill or elliptical! Run through beautiful locations in Africa, Switzerland, Chile, and parts of the United States with your favorite iFIT Trainers.

Join Planetary Running

Bike workouts

Global Coasting: Cycle through the tropics and desert heat with 8 cycling workouts. Take on incredible rides through Argentina, Utah, Costa Rica, Bermuda, and other vacation-worthy destinations.

Join Global Coasting

Outdoor Cycling: Get ready to ride with 8 bike workouts around the globe. Pedal your way into the incredible natural landscapes of New Zealand, Hawaii, Japan, Norway, and more.

Join Outdoor Cycling

Natural Climbing: Gear up for challenging rides with 8 cycling workouts. Take on rugged and unique natural terrain in Spain, Turkey, British Columbia, Hawaii, and other regions of the world.

Join Natural Climbing

Rower workouts

Worldly Rowing: Row your way around the world with 8 rowing workouts. From Brazil and England to Montana and Switzerland, you’ll row along some of the world’s most stunning and scenic waterways. 

Join Worldly Rowing

Strength workouts

Wilderness Strength: Work your muscles and travel the globe with 6 strength workouts. Build strength with your favorite iFIT Trainers in beautiful locales in Iceland, Austria, Maui, and Portugal.

Join Wilderness Strength

Yoga workouts

Earthly Yoga: Embrace and honor Mother Earth with 6 yoga workouts. Practice your yoga flows in tranquil, natural locations in Bermuda, Panama, and Africa.

Join Earthly Yoga

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