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Join iFit Trainer Alex Morgan—professional soccer player, Olympic athlete, and women’s advocate—in her empowering strength and cardio series! No matter your fitness level, you’re sure to feel stronger and more energized as you complete a variety of targeted workouts designed to increase your athletic ability!

iFit Train Like a Pro: Alex Morgan workouts

About Alex Morgan

Starting soccer a little later than others, iFit Trainer Alex Morgan fell in love with the sport at the age of 14. Throughout high school and college, Alex became a powerhouse of a player and, in 2009, became the youngest member of the U.S. women’s national soccer team. This only pushed Alex more, and from 2018–2020, she became co-captain of the team. She’s won countless championships and cups, even an Olympic gold medal, with her graceful yet attacking style. Now, she’s ready to keep pushing it on the field as she continues to be an inspiration for young female athletes everywhere. 

You’re the only one holding yourself back, so don’t be afraid to push it.

About the workouts

Ready to kick off your fitness journey with Alex? Learn the secrets to staying fit while training like an athlete during this two-part series that focuses on strength and cardio workouts.

Improve your overall fitness level with the Train Like a Pro: Alex Morgan Strength Series, which includes six workouts designed to increase your strength and stamina. Alex’s workouts include a variety of engaging circuits that target different muscle groups. These workouts will challenge your entire body, from core work to muscle endurance to power, speed, and agility moves.

iFit Train Like a Pro: Alex Morgan strength workouts
iFit Train Like a Pro: Alex Morgan strength classes

Additionally, the Train Like a Pro: Alex Morgan Cardio Series incorporates a wide variety of aerobic and anaerobic cardiovascular training elements to help maximize your athletic performance over six sweat-inducing workouts. Each workout will help improve your overall daily fitness through HIIT, endurance, walking, and running. 

iFit Train Like a Pro: Alex Morgan cardio workouts
iFit Train Like a Pro: Alex Morgan cardio classes

Ready to go? Join Alex’s strength series and cardio series to start training like a pro today. Also, be sure to check out the Train Like a Pro Series with iFIT Trainer, and former professional football player, Tiki Barber!

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