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iFit Employee Highlight: Bryce Baxter

Julie Tukuafu

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One of the things that makes iFit so great is the people working diligently behind the scenes. iFit’s been able to bring together some of the most talented professionals in the industry to deliver the incredible at-home workout experience you know and love. They’ve managed to form a rock-solid team of developers, marketers, creatives, analysts, leaders, and trainers who are stellar at what they do and also happen to be really good humans, too. 

Since many of you don’t know the faces behind iFit, we thought we’d let you get to know our team a little better! Starting this month, we’ll be highlighting a new iFit employee each week. For our first feature, meet Software Project Manager Bryce Baxter! 

What’s your favorite thing about iFit?

I love the product and how dedicated the team is to meeting the needs of our community. The trainers, community, and platform itself have had such a positive effect on me trying to better myself. I feel that everyone I’ve met at iFit is passionate about the product and truly cares about the user experience. 

Which machine do you own? 

I currently have an older treadmill that links up great to the iFit app on my iPad. I also just got the NordicTrack Fusion CST, and I’m beyond excited to spend more time getting stronger and more flexible. 

What’s your favorite series? 

I just started the Back-to-Basics Series with Gideon Akande, and I’m really enjoying it!

Who is your favorite trainer? 

Definitely John Peel! I love his interval training, even if it kicks my butt!

Where are you on your fitness journey?

I’m in my 40s now and have noticed a decline in my fitness and flexibility. I really want to use iFit’s different workout options to help increase things that are declining as I get older.

What do you do for iFit? 

I’m a Software Project Manager, and I love the work that I do! My team’s main focus is to maintain our customers’ security and improve the iFit app’s capabilities. There are so many exciting things happening right now that will greatly enhance the user experience! 

Why do you love working at iFit? 

The people here really are dedicated. Not only do the trainers motivate me, but half of the people I work with can probably run a 6-minute mile. There is a true dedication and care for the iFit community that extends to subscribers, employees, and trainers. From top to bottom, we are dedicated to providing the best workout experience possible. 

How long have you worked for iFit? 

I’m still pretty new! I’m going on two months, and I’ve already learned so much. I’m excited to continue my journey with iFit! 

What’s something most people don’t know about you? 

I’ve finished second in the Utah County 10K Clydesdale category twice!

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