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How to use the Android Touchscreen Console

iFit Team

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As an iFit user, you may have noticed that the console on your device features an amazing, full-color touchscreen. Many people find this feature a little daunting. To make things a bit more understandable, I’ll walk you through how it works, so your iFit experience can be as enjoyable as possible.

Interacting with the console feels very similar to an iPad or other tablets. You can flick or slide a finger across the screen to navigate—the same way you would on any other touchscreen. A major difference is that an iFit console doesn’t zoom in and out by spreading your fingers across the screen. Also, our screen is not pressure-sensitive, so a light touch controls it just fine.

To access the keyboard, simply touch the text box. To use numbers or other characters, touch the “?123” button. If you want to view additional characters, touch the “Alt” button. A second tap on the “Alt” button will return the screen to the first number keyboard.

Changing from lower case to capital letters requires the same action as you use on your phone. Tap the upward arrow for caps, and a second touch will return the screen to lowercase. The backspace feature also looks similar to your phone: a backwards arrow and an X.

Using the buttons on the bottom of the console can return your screen to the previous screen or to the home menu. Don’t worry about hitting the middle button—it currently doesn’t change any features.  

I hope this quick tutorial helps you feel more comfortable with your iFit device! If you have additional questions, contact us, we would love to help you out.

Keep movin’,

Josh Kaneversky
Social Media Manager


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