Series Feature: Iberian Fast & Fit Series

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Work on building your endurance and stamina in the Iberian Fast & Fit Series with iFit Trainer Hannah Eden!  

About Hannah

For years, Hannah Eden has worked on her craft as a coach and CrossFit® athlete. In 2014, she began competing at an elite level, becoming one of the Top 100 Fittest Women in the Southeast Region of the U.S. Hannah’s knowledge in free-weight training and Olympic lifting is what makes her one of the top fitness leaders today. You can expect her workouts to be a little wild and always a good sweat.

About Portugal and Morocco    

You’ll run through famous landmarks in this series, including the Marrakech Stony Desert, Royal Palace of Fez, and Essaouira Beach. Each workout was filmed in Portugal and Morocco—countries famous for their coastal beaches and diverse landscapes, including mountains and deserts. 

This series will allow you to experience the most beautiful sights these countries have to offer. You’ll run and train on the beaches and trails to move your body while you take in the beauty of these historically significant regions. 

The workouts 

Hannah will lead you through a total of 20 runs in this series. Each workout is designed to help you build stamina and endurance. You’ll push through interval, endurance, tempo, and steady-state runs to help improve your V02 max, lactate threshold, speed, and stamina. 

In this series, you’ll experience beautiful locations, including the beaches of Portugal and some famous Moroccan bazaars. 

Series highlights:

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