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iFit Member Highlight: Amy Smith

iFit Team

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Meet iFit Member Amy Smith! She recently shared her amazing story with us, and we wanted to share it with our community. Her health and fitness journey greatly touched us because even in the face of extreme adversity, she remained focused and determined. Here’s her story!

Amy’s Story

In 2018, we found out that my husband had Hodgkin Lymphoma. Nine days later, I was hit by a car while crossing the street (which happened four days after my birthday—ugh!). I went through nine months of physical therapy, and my husband went through six months of grueling chemo. In 2019, I was continuing to gain weight and still having issues from the accident. My husband relapsed and needed more chemo, along with a bone marrow transplant. These were dark days. We had lived healthy, pain-free lives up until that point.

In 2020, my husband completed treatment, and I decided we needed a treadmill. I was sick of how I felt and looked. I saw iFit and thought it looked cool. I had no idea what I was getting into when I got that NordicTrack X22i treadmill. It was at that time that I discovered iFit Trainer Tommy Rivs and the Iberian Beginner Running Series. Then, we all found out that Tommy was very sick. It turned out to be lymphoma, as you know. It shook me. I felt connected to him and his family because of what I had gone through with my husband.

I was drawn into the iFit community and became addicted to the trainers, fabulous locations, and support. I love the monthly challenges. They keep me going!

iFit Member Amy Smith working out on her NordicTrack X22i treadmill

Amy on her NordicTrack X22i treadmill—check out all of those Challenge completion magnets!

Then, I saw the Team iFit ambassador opportunity. I thought there was no way I would be picked. I felt old, fat, and I don’t have a ton of followers on social media. Who would pick me? However, since I was on this new journey, I pushed myself to apply. When I was selected, it was a ray of sunshine in my life!

Since then, I have connected with the community even more. In the iFit for Women group, one woman asked if anyone wanted to start a separate group to do John Peel’s Next-Level Strength Training Series. I thought, “Why not?” It was WAY beyond my level, and I would never have finished if it wasn’t for that group’s support.

iFit’s community has kept me going. I always feel connected and accountable. We’re all working toward positive goals, lifting each other up. It’s the best online community I’ve ever found.

I started tagging John Peel in my Instagram stories, and he was interested in the group. He sent me a fun, short video to send to the ladies for encouragement. He seemed interested in our thoughts on the program. Then, we invited him to join our Facebook group, and he did! It has been so much fun!

iFit Member Amy Smith

Amy in her 100 Workouts Milestone t-shirt.

I can’t believe how amazing the trainers are. They truly care about us, and we, in turn, care about them. They feel like friends. I talk about iFit and my workouts almost every day and wonder if I drive my friends and family nuts, but I want them to get into it, too! It is as much a part of my life as my family, my schooling, and my dogs! I do know one of my friends bought a used treadmill and signed up for iFit. She is a cancer survivor, too.

Another cool thing is that my husband is using the treadmill more now. I have to laugh sometimes because he says he hates the treadmill, but he still gets on it. I have wanted to get him a bike, as that is what interests him, yet he stays on the treadmill for over an hour at a time. I can’t help but think all this exercise will keep him healthy. With my husband’s medical history, we have to be extremely careful during this pandemic. I don’t even go into grocery stores anymore—only curbside pickup. I want to keep him healthy and alive. He’s been in remission for several months and will likely have another scan in three or four months to make sure. We still have a way to go, but I am feeling better than I have in years. I want to continue strengthening my body. I have so much hope for the future. We are high school sweethearts and will celebrate our 30th anniversary in July! We’ve grown up together, and I am hoping for 30 more years, now that we are working on our fitness!

iFit Member Amy Smith and her husband

Amy and her husband of nearly 30 years on a trip to the beach.

The whole iFit team should know what they have done for mental health. I know I am not the only person who feels this way. I’ve seen posts in the Facebook group talking about it, too. iFit has been such an important part of my mental and physical health. There are days I just want a normal life again. I’ve felt anger and sadness over it, but I can hop on my treadmill and work out with one of my trainer friends in a wonderful location. It transports me and makes me feel so happy. I get incredibly emotional about how much iFit has done for me. I cannot imagine how I would be coping if it wasn’t for this wonderful community. When the trainers give us shout-outs or post our stories, it makes everything even better.

iFit Member Amy Smith does an abs workout

Who is your favorite iFit Trainer?

John Peel!

What has been your favorite iFit workout series that you’ve completed?

John Peel’s Next-Level Strength Training.

What’s your favorite part about iFit? 

It’s so hard to narrow down one thing about iFit that is my favorite. The variety of all of it keeps me engaged like no other workout program. There are always different trainers, locations, types of workouts, Challenges, etc. I think other programs I have done just recycled the same moves, and it got so boring, I didn’t want to do it anymore. iFit keeps me interested and engaged. 

How long have you been an iFit member? 

Nine months!

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