iFIT Trainer Highlight: Jesse Corbin

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As our resident rockstar, iFIT Trainer Jesse Corbin is notorious for his high-energy Live Workouts and upbeat spirit. When he’s not training in the iFIT Studio, Jesse is an actor, singer, and dancer. We caught up with Jesse, who touched on his latest workout series, what led him to become an iFIT Trainer, and how he takes his coffee!

iFIT Trainer Jesse Corbin

In your latest workout series, Heart to Heart: On Acceptance, you open up about accepting yourself and living authentically. What was it like to share that with iFIT members?

It was an incredible experience! Since my first day of training on the iFIT platform, I’ve been fortunate to not only deliver great workouts to our members, but also present my authentic self. 

Creating this Heart to Heart felt like the next logical step towards bringing the iFIT family even more intimately into my life. I was excited and nervous about sharing my coming-out story and discussing acceptance because I know not everyone thinks the same way I do. Regardless of their belief or opinion, I care about our members and want to let them in on my journey.

How do you feel your authenticity has helped you in your career?

While it’s been a struggle to be my true self at times, I’ve found time and time again that genuine and caring connection goes further than selfish ambition.

Jesse Corbin iFIT Trainer

Lead with love, live authentically, and turn your bumps into stepping stones.

What led you to become a personal trainer? Were you always interested in fitness?

I’ve always been involved in some type of athletic activity, but I began investing more in my fitness journey after college when I wanted to find a routine that was sustainable, functional, and something that would help me in my career as a performer. 

Fellow cast members began asking what I was doing and seeking my advice, so I took the opportunity to encourage and instruct them to the best of my ability. Eventually, this led to earning my personal training certification and working professionally with clients, ranging from elementary teachers to Tony, Oscar, and Emmy award-winning performers.

What’s your all-time favorite exercise? 

Tough question. I’m going to say burpees. I love to hate them and hate to love them. They’re a full-body workout and were a big part of my early days of training and physical transformation. They will always hold a special place in my heart.

What’s your favorite iFIT memory? 

I have so many great memories, but two of the ones that stick out in my mind are:

  • My first day at iFIT when my shoelace got tangled in my bike, and I had to be cut out of the pedal mid-class.
  • When I got to dress as Ashley Paulson and start her Live Workout on April Fool’s Day.
iFIT Trainer Jesse Corbin treadmill workout

How do you hold yourself accountable, especially on days when you don’t feel motivated?

By building a plan ahead of time (so I’m not working out haphazardly), having friends who support and encourage me, and remembering I want to look good for my iFIT family when I go live!

Is it true you’re a coffee aficionado?

It is SO true! One of my bucket list items is to open a coffee shop. I have an entire concept ready to go, and now just looking for the right spot and the right investors!

What’s your go-to snack?

I love Pink Lady apples, hard-boiled eggs, dark chocolate, and gummy bears!

iFIT Trainer Jesse Corbin workout

For someone wishing to become active but unsure of how to start, what advice would you give them?

Start small and build consistency! Don’t overwhelm yourself. Find a few small things you can regularly integrate into your lifestyle and then build from there.

What’s your favorite part of your job? 

The iFIT members make every day worth it, but the outfits are a big plus! I also love the goofy team I get to work with, and that iFIT allows me to combine my passions for fitness and show business into a dynamic and genuine workout experience.

iFIT Trainer Jesse Corbin running workout

Want to get going on a workout with Jesse? Get to know him better by joining one of his previously filmed Live Workouts!

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