Join Us for the Live Wicked 10K Race!

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Join iFIT Trainer Jonnie Gale and your fellow racers for the Live Wicked 10K Race along the boardwalk in Virginia Beach, Virginia. You’re sure to have a wicked good time as you experience tricks and treats along the race course. This fast, flat course will give you a view of the oceanfront with plenty of spooky entertainment along the way. 

Jonnie will be Halloween ready, so be sure to wear your favorite costume along with your race bib! You can share your image with us on social media by tagging us @iFIT! 

Everyone who participates in the race in real time will earn an exclusive finisher’s medal. Later, you can look up the race in the iFIT Library to compete against yourself or to just revisit all the spooky fun in Virginia. 

iFIT Live Wicked 10K Race

Meet iFIT Trainer Jonnie Gale

Jonnie Gale has had a passion for fitness and athletics since he was young. After playing nearly every sport up until high school, he went on to receive an athletic scholarship to Weber State University, where he ran track and field. After college, he continued his rigorous fitness regime, primarily focusing on weight and speed training. That’s when he decided he wanted to help others train at an elite level. 

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How it works

On Saturday, October 30 at 8:00 a.m. ET, join Jonnie on your iFIT-enabled treadmill, elliptical, or the iFIT app on your smartphone or tablet. 

This is your race, so set a pace that’s comfortable for you. When you participate in the Live Race, you’ll receive an email up to 72 hours after you’ve completed the event with instructions on how to claim your finisher’s medal.

The Live Wicked 10K Race will be posted in the iFIT Library after the event, so you can revisit the Halloween fun whenever you’d like! 

Joining the race

Join us at the Live Wicked 10K Race by tapping the “Live” icon on your iFIT-enabled treadmill, elliptical, or in the iFIT app. Join 10 minutes ahead of the start time, then scan the QR code to ask Jonnie your pre-race questions. He might just answer them on the run!

iFIT Live Wicked 10K Race treadmill screen

Training for the Live Wicked 10K Race

10K Training Part 1: Costa Rica with iFIT Trainer Leah Dana Rosenfeld

Get physically and mentally prepared for a 10K! Join iFIT Trainer Leah Dana Rosenfeld for intervals, hills, and long runs in Costa Rica. Explore active and extinct volcanoes, jungles full of wildlife, tropical beaches, and roaring waterfalls as you unlock your inner runner!

iFIT 10K Training Part 1: Costa Rica Series

10K Training Part 2: Azores with iFIT Trainer Leah Dana Rosenfeld

Once you’ve completed the 10K Training Part 1: Costa Rica, continue your 10K training by the Atlantic Ocean! iFIT Trainer Leah Dana Rosenfeld will lead you through interval, threshold, endurance, and recovery runs to help you finish strong.

iFIT 10K Training Part 2: Azores Series

Join Live Workouts with Jonnie in the iFIT Studio

Your iFIT Trainer Jonnie Gale will be leading Live Workouts on the treadmill from October 18–22. Join him to get ready for the race and ask questions!

Race bib

Download and print your race bib

From your iFIT Community

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Do the Holiday Hustle and earn a bonus medal when you complete your choice of one Live Event each month from the October, November, and December 2021 Live Race Calendar.

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