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New Music Is Coming to Your iFit Workouts!

Danielle Prager

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You asked…we listened! You told us that exercising to music elevates your workout experience—so we are thrilled to announce that popular music is now available on all iFit-enabled equipment!

iFit Trainer curated Playlist — Studio Workouts

If studio workouts are your jam, you can now access trainer-curated playlists. Many of these tracks will help you stay on tempo with your trainer while you move to the beat. These playlists have been carefully assembled by your trainer, based on beats per minute (BPM) to ensure that your workouts are well-paced, sweat-inducing, and, most importantly, fun! The music will help your workout go by faster by making you feel fully immersed throughout!

iFit Radio Station — Global Workouts

Run the beaches of Tahiti or cycle the Swiss Alps while jamming to your top, favorite artists with music that gets you pumped. iFit members can now access all of their favorite iFit global workouts with the added option of listening to top artists on iFit’s radio station, which includes upbeat and motivating music for an elevated workout experience. The radio station is updated weekly and features new artists and varying genres of music.

We’re so excited to finally bring this feature to your equipment. Be sure to update your equipment or iFit Cardio app to access the music. Stay tuned for updated playlists, new music genres, and exciting, new workouts each week!

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