Series Feature: 10K Training Series Part 1: Costa Rica

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Join iFIT Trainer Leah Dana Rosenfeld in the 10K Training Series Part 1: Costa Rica, and unlock your inner runner in one of the world’s most inspiring environments. As you work through intervals, hills, long runs, and more, Leah will take you on an adventure through Costa Rica. Well known for its eco and adventure tourism, the country’s tropical terrain, biodiversity, sights, and sounds will keep your mind and body busy on your journey to running a 10K. 

About iFIT Trainer Leah Dana Rosenfeld

A child of two marathon runners, iFIT Trainer Leah Dana Rosenfeld was born into the running lifestyle. Her true love for running led her to become a coach, so she could share her experiences of training, racing, recovery, and lifestyle with athletes of all ages. As your iFIT Trainer, Leah hopes to support you in achieving your athletic and life goals. 

iFIT 10K Training Series Part 1: Costa Rica

About Costa Rica

Get ready to explore active and extinct volcanoes, jungles full of wildlife, tropical beaches, and roaring waterfalls as you unlock your inner runner! Along the way, you’ll meet a few of the 500,000 species of wildlife that inhabit Costa Rica’s unique ecosystem. Look out for the mischievous, raccoon-like coatimundi, darting hummingbirds, and so many more!

iFIT 10K Training Series Part 1: Costa Rica location

About the workouts

Interval runs, hill workouts, and long endurance jogs will prepare your body for the 10K distance. As you take on these challenges, Leah will help you prepare your mind by sharing her own method of goal setting. Once you’ve completed this program, you’ll be all set to take on the 10K Training Series Part 2: Azores!     

iFIT 10K Training Series Part 1: Costa Rica chart

Join 10K Training Series Part 1: Costa Rica

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