Series Feature: 10K Training Series Part 2: Azores

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Get ready to experience the beautiful scenery that the Azores Islands have to offer with iFIT Trainer Leah Dana Rosenfeld in the 10K Training Series Part 2: Azores. You’ll pick up your training where you and Leah left off in 10K Training Series Part 1: Costa Rica. As you build on the strength you need to take on the 10K distance, Leah will talk you through her tips and tricks on becoming a successful runner.

About iFIT Trainer Leah Dana Rosenfeld

A child of 2 marathon runners, iFIT Trainer Leah Dana Rosenfeld was born into the running lifestyle. Her true love for running led her to become a coach, so she could share her experiences of training, racing, recovery, and lifestyle with athletes of all ages. As your iFIT Trainer, Leah hopes to support you in achieving your athletic and life goals. 

iFIT 10K Training Part 2: Azores

About the Azores

The Azores are a cluster of tiny Portuguese islands over 900 miles west of the mainland. Built by volcanoes deep beneath the Atlantic ocean and cradled by the warm Gulf Stream, the Azores are known for year-round springlike weather and dramatic terrain. In your exploration of the Azores, you’ll run across towering volcanoes, visit the storybook villages that dot the islands, and take in stunning ocean views! As you run, Leah will share some of the rich history that makes this archipelago so special.

iFIT 10K Training Series Part 2: Azores location

About the workouts

In 10K Training Series Part 2: Azores, you’ll continue to develop the strength and stamina you earned in 10K Training Series Part 1: Costa Rica by completing interval, threshold, endurance, and recovery runs.

iFIT 10K Training Series Part 2: Azores chart

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