Series Feature: Chile Hike and Summit Series

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Join iFIT Trainer AnaMaria Ramirez in the Chile Hike and Summit Series! You’ll see the incredible sights of the Ruka Pillan and Casablanca Volcanoes, and trek through the majestic slopes and valleys of the Chilean landscapes! You won’t want to miss these unforgettable hiking workouts through the stunning sights of Chile.

About iFIT Trainer AnaMaria Ramirez 

Born and raised in Costa Rica, AnaMaria Ramirez has always led an active lifestyle. As an NASM Certified Personal Trainer, EREPS Certified Fitness Instructor, and TRX Certified Trainer, AnaMaria loves to watch her clients achieve their goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Her ideal workout is a combination of weightlifting and a little bit of cardio. Even in her spare time, she loves to work out, but if she’s not doing that, then you can find her at the beach! 

iFIT Chile Hike and Summit Series

About Chile

Get ready for an unforgettable adventure in the beautiful country of Chile. From desert and mountain peaks to volcanoes and stunning beaches, Chile is a popular destination. You’ll explore the Chile Lake District as you hike up some of its most famous locations like the Osorno Volcano, Casablanca Volcano, and Paraiso Waterfall.

iFIT Chile Hike and Summit Series location

About the hiking workouts

AnaMaria will guide you through 20 hiking workouts designed to help you climb higher while strengthening and conditioning your body. While you climb, you’ll hike through the spectacular scenery of the Chilean Lake District and all it has to offer!

iFIT Chile Hike and Summit Series chart

Join Chile Hike and Summit Series

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