Series Feature: Holland Walking Tours

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Explore the cobblestone streets of the Netherlands in the Holland Walking Tours with iFit Guide Rory Bronsan!

About Rory

Rory Bronsan is originally from Ireland. After working in the film industry in Los Angeles for a number of years, he met a Dutch woman who “imported” him to Amsterdam. Specializing in improv comedy and storytelling, he uses his talents to be an entertaining and knowledgeable tour guide.

About Holland

This beginner program will take you through incredible local sights as you explore quaint countryside towns together. Each workout will explore iconic landmarks, each with its own unique, breathtaking views. You’ll learn about local culture as you walk for a truly immersive experience. 

This series will allow you to experience the most beautiful sights that Holland has to offer. You’ll walk through charming towns and move your body while you take in the beauty of these iconic landscapes. 

The workouts

Rory will lead you through a total of five walks in this series. Each workout will be unique as you explore different cultural icons during each one. You’ll explore the incredible Dutch windmills, view breathtaking tulip farms, and learn about local culture every step of the way. 

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Also, be sure to check out our Holland geography activities for kids in this post!

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