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Top Sites Feature iFit VR on NordicTrack Bike!

Rebecca Sanders

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NordicTrack launched their cutting-edge VR gaming bike that features iFit technology at CES 2019! Several top sites covered the incredible, groundbreaking virtual reality workout experience. The bike currently incorporates three virtual reality games: Aeronauts, The Last Rider, and Bike Messenger. iFit technology controls the bike’s incline, decline, and resistance to match the game’s layout. Soon, the bike will also include fully immersive, 3D iFit workouts, as well.

GearJunkieFitness and Fantasy Collide in NordicTrack’s New Virtual Reality Bike Ride

“ calling the phenomenon ‘total-body gaming.’ It immerses users into a virtual gaming reality where fitness and fantasy collide. Physical efforts control the difficulty and progress within virtual worlds, and exertion on the bike seamlessly controls your gameplay avatar.”

Digital Trends: Ride through the Sky and Get Fit on the Fly with the NordicTrack VR Bike

“Many of the design choices in the NordicTrack VR Bike may become standard to fitness equipment. Yet it’s the addition of gamification that makes it stand out. Motivation is often a problem for people who exercise using stationary equipment, and virtual reality is an effective solution to that problem.”

Digital Trends: These Are the Coolest Virtual and Augmented Reality Gadgets from CES 2019

“The NordicTrack VR Bike…offers 10 percent inclines and declines to simulate the changing elevation in the games you’re playing, as well as 24 different levels of resistance and 16 different pedal positions. The pedals themselves will also be position-seeking to sync with the gameplay you see in the headset.”

Fitness Insider: NordicTrack’s VR Bike Opens up New Avenues for Fitness

“CES 2019 attendees were shown a particularly interesting game called Aeronauts that finds players taking to the skies in a pedal-powered aircraft soaring through the air, spiraling through checkpoint rings and shooting down balloon targets.”

CNET: NordicTrack’s VR Fitness Bike Wore Me out at CES

“The fitness game I tried, Aeronauts, is a steampunk sort of fly-through-the-rings race, much like some VirZoom games I played, or Nintendo‘s Pilotwings. Pedaling faster made me get to the rings quicker. I often needed to steer the yoke to tilt up or down. Extra bonus targets are around to shoot (for those, I needed to stare at the drone-like things, lock in, and fire away with handlebar triggers).”

PC Magazine: NordicTrack’s VR Bike Is a Fun Workout

“or someone who finds it difficult to stay loyal to a particular workout, the gaming aspect of the NordicTrack VR would keep me coming back for more.”

TechTheLead: NordicTrack Announces Fitness Bike That Will Keep You Motivated with VR Games

“Most of us find it difficult to work up the energy to go to the gym and I bet the stationary bike is not at the top of the list of your favorite workout devices either. But perhaps that will change in the near future, with NordicTrack’s newly announced Virtual Reality bike. Getting your daily dose of cardio while exploring in VR might just prove to be the next best thing, from what we can tell so far.”

The VR Soldier: NordicTrack Gamifies Exercise Bikes with VR Technology

“Unlike what one might expect, this new unit will still put one’s body to work quite heavily. The bike will automatically adjust the incline and decline based on one’s surroundings. When moving downhill, users will experience a slight breeze through a built-in fan. It creates a very immersive experience, which is what most people will be looking for when exploring options like these.”

ECN Magazine: Escape to Faraway Places…on a Workout Bike

“Imagine getting on your workout bike, something we sometimes dread, and instantly, you’re transported to a fantasy world with lush landscapes, wastelands, and busy cities. The fitness powerhouse, Nordic Track, unveiled a virtual reality (VR) bike that allows fitness junkies to workout while playing intense VR games.”

Road to VR: One of the Biggest Names in Home Fitness is Making a VR Exercise Bike

“Games like Beat Saber and Creed: Rise to Glory are a great way to get your heart pumping while having a blast, and after having played a number of these types of games at a near constant since they came to VR headsets, I thought I was in decent enough shape to take on NordicTrack’s upcoming consumer exercise bike with VR headset integration. I haven’t been to the gym in forever, but now I’m definitely rethinking that (in)decision.”

Herald News Press: Fitness and Fun Together—VR Bikes

“NordicTrack’s VR bike has followers for creating a sense of movement (and airflow), and the handlebars double as a movable eight-axis yoke for further flexibility, and are studded with all the mandatory recreation controller-like buttons and triggers to play. It helps Bluetooth audio, connects to the iFit fitness platform, and has various ranges of resistance when biking.”

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