Series Feature: Turks and Caicos Weight Loss Walking Series

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Enjoy unforgettable island views in the Turks and Caicos Weight Loss Walking Series with iFIT Trainers Chris and Stacie Clark!

About Chris and Stacie Clark

Chris Clark has been helping clients get healthier and stronger as a personal trainer for over 35 years. With his vast health and fitness knowledge, Chris has trained professional sports teams, including the Colts, Timberwolves, and Vikings. He focuses on helping you break through barriers to become your best self!

Stacie Clark sparked a passion for fitness at a young age and excelled as a three-sport varsity athlete in high school. Her love for sports and movement led her to become a celebrity trainer, as well as co-founder and CEO of Tiger Athletics. Stacie’s encouragement and enthusiasm make workouts fun!

About Turks and Caicos

As you progress through this walking series, you’ll be in awe of the white, sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters. Chris and Stacie will show you around the Turks and Caicos Islands and Aruba, including the remote Iguana Island. 

You’ll explore iconic locations, such as the world’s third largest barrier reef and the historic La Familia grounded shipwreck. Check out Trinity Bridge, Split Rock, and other stunning destinations as you walk on sandy beaches and stroll down paths lined with lush palm trees and mangroves.

About the workouts

In this 20-part series, you’ll get stronger, both physically and mentally, as you learn more about these exotic islands while pushing your cardiovascular stamina. Challenge yourself with workouts focused on speed play and structured intervals. Get stronger as you tackle interval, steady-state, speed play, and endurance walks, designed to change your body. 

After all of your hard work, enjoy workouts focused on recovery and stretching as you soak in the tropical views. This series has everything you need for the adventure of a lifetime!

Ready to take a walk in paradise? Join this series now!

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