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What’s New with iFit Coach?

Rebecca Sanders

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We’ve been buzzing about the new iFit Coach, and we’re sure you’re wondering what all the hype is about! Look no further to discover some incredible, new features we know you’ll adore.

Global workouts

Our newest brain child is a brand new way to work out. We’ve collected the best trainers from all over the world and sent film crews to their home towns so they can show off the most beautiful aspects of their countries while walking you through workouts. They do this from your point of view, so it feels like they’re actually talking to you as you complete each workout. For example, Nardus Hattingh will take you on a nature walk through Kwazulu to see zebras and other African wildlife. Or tour the lakes of Western Europe with Florent Thevenot as he guides you through a mixture of cardio and cross-training exercises!

Virtual studio classes

You won’t believe how energetic you’ll feel after participating in one of our new virtual classes. Filmed in a studio setting with other iFit users just like you, you’ll cycle, walk, run, and cross train with fellow fitness enthusiasts. We’ve discovered incredible, high-energy trainers who’ll use their expertise to bring you the most incredible workouts for your body. You’ll feel the incredible vibes they create in these studio settings—you’ll feel like you’re right there with them!

New recipe videos

We hope you’ve been enjoying our incredible recipe videos that walk you through easy, yet gourmet-tasting recipes. Our dietitians have ensured that they’re completely healthy for you, too! And the videos are so easy to follow. You’ll be cooking like a professional chef in no time! We’ve released many new recipes, so you’ll always have something delicious on the menu.

Customized calorie targets

We’ve streamlined this feature to calculate for you better than ever before! Your unique calorie goals still shift, depending on your activity and what you eat throughout the day, but we’ve crunched the numbers to improve accuracy. We’ve made it easier than ever to stay on top of your goals!

New membership plans

With your feedback, we’ve completely redirected our membership options, too! We know you need a plan that fits your unique needs, so we’ve come up with a solution: Family and Individual membership plans. With a Family membership, you can add up to three users. You can choose to pay per month, or pay for a year in advance and get a set of weights and a wearable at no cost. With the Individual membership, your plan is just for you. You can pay month-to-month or you can pay a year up front and we’ll still throw in that wearable.

So give the new and improved iFit Coach membership a try. If you’d like to know more about our classic features that you’ll also get access to, read this article.

Here’s to your health!

J. Rebecca Sanders


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