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What does a Nutritionist Eat?

Michelle Alley

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I get asked all the time about which foods are in my cupboard. Well, here it is—I’m going to give you a complete list of my pantry staples. You might be surprised by some of the items on my list. I don’t follow any particular diet, which sometimes makes people discount me as a nutritionist, but I’m a true believer that moderation is key, and that helps me live so I don’t feel any guilt when it comes to foods. There are only good vibes in my kitchen!

I often enjoy rice cakes as a replacement for greasy chips, but they’re also perfect by themselves to use for snacks or lunches. I often eat them with toppings, too. Try tomato-and-basil-flavored rice cakes topped with cottage cheese and avocados. Yummy! Full of protein and healthy fats, they’re very filling. Another favorite of mine is a brown rice cake with nut butter, topped with fresh fruit, like sliced strawberries or apple slices. It’s basically a healthier, lighter PB-’n-J.

Nut butters are full of healthy fats and protein that can keep you full and satisfied. I love different types of butters to make celery boats, sandwiches, or to use as a fruit dip. I even keep a couple of tablespoons of nut butter inside of dressing cups, so I can quickly grab ‘em when I’m on the go. They also sell a large variety of nut butters prepackaged in single-serving sizes if you want to avoid the hassle of portioning it out.

Nuts add protein, vitamins, minerals, and a nice crunch to any meal or snack. I like to keep some on hand to bulk up a salad or yogurt. You could also try sprinkling some on top of apple sandwiches or celery boats. They’re a little high in calories, so be sure to consume them in smaller serving sizes.

Beans are full of fiber, protein, and are high in many vitamins and minerals. They’re perfect when you only have time to make a quick meal. Add them to eggs, salads, leftover rice, or wrap them up in a tortilla with cheese. You can beef up almost any meal with them.

If you haven’t been down the aisle where the tuna and canned chicken are kept, you may want to take a gander. They now come in individual foil packets and a variety of flavors. They even have some you can buy in cups that come with crackers ready to be topped, or you can buy your own whole grain crackers. These are perfect for a post-workout snack or a quick meal when you’re pressed for time

Oats, couscous, whole wheat bread, popcorn, crackers, and pasta are quick-’n-easy ways to make a meal that’s full of fiber. I love throwing oatmeal into my smoothies or creating a quick snack with crackers or popcorn.

High in Vitamin B6 and potassium, potatoes can be made into lightning-fast meals. One of my faves is sweet potato power bowls, because it uses items that are usually already in my pantry—like quinoa, beans, and vegetables.

My grandma always taught me that there are two things a lady is never without: lipstick and chocolate. The lipstick didn’t stick with me, but the chocolate definitely did! Full of antioxidants, it’s a sweet treat that I always have on hand!

Enjoy your healthy snacking!


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