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You Are The Competition

Emily Wiley

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Why you should only be competing with you. It isn’t about anyone else.

Whenever you make a fitness goal, there’s usually that negative and nagging feeling of “What if I can’t do it?” or “What if I come in dead last?” But really, if you come in dead last in your first 5k, you still finished. You did something you didn’t think you could. And it isn’t about what place you come in, or the people on the track. It’s about you. It’s about being able to say “I didn’t think I could, but I did.”

If it’s a new fitness class you’re starting, it isn’t about the rest of the class. You can’t compare your first day in your fitness journey to someone else’s 365th day. It isn’t fair to you or them. They worked hard to get where they are, so don’t minimize their success by thinking they got there easily, and don’t discourage yourself because you aren’t there yet.

There’s parts of your life you may turn into excuses that hinder you from reaching your goals. You may have kids at home, a desk job, a sweet tooth, or no time to exercise. But you should never use your circumstances as an excuse, unless you’re injured or sick. Take your kids to work out with you. Exercise on your lunch break. Keep your sweet tooth in check. Find the time and make healthy living a priority in your life.

Wherever you’re at in your progress today, make it a goal to be better tomorrow. It may not be a huge change, but those small changes, step by step, can make all the difference in the world. If today you walked 5,000 steps, try to reach 5,200 steps tomorrow. If today you had three cookies, only have two tomorrow. And if today you finished your 5k in 45 minutes, shoot for 43 minutes next time.

Emily Wiley
iFit Trainer

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