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Does anyone know where i can find & subscribe to this series? /workout/5ebc1407bc81920007347128

11 minutes ago

Can anyone explain to me how i find the complete series of something after i've completed a single workout. I saw a walk that was part of a series & after completing it I thought i would add the whole thing to my calandar but i just can't find it.

13 minutes ago

my husband and i have a 1 year premium family membership. But how can we follow each other and challange each other ? we just started but cant figure this out

an hour ago

I would like to know where I can find a cover for my 2450

11 hours ago

Has everyone received their magnets for June bike coast to coast reward? I have not received mine.

14 hours ago

Just to let anyone who is following the Nordictrack S22i Riding Around America Group that we have changed the Group Name to Cyber Cycling Club So that anyone who enjoys indoor cycling with a Cyber Space Socialization can feel welcome to join us as we ride the full US Border So if you want to enjoy the comradeship of the ride while maintaining regulated Social Distancing in this time of pandemic come and join us

15 hours ago

I had to chuckle when he said "Hold your 5K pace for these intervals", yeah TRP, we all hold an 8.5mph pace for our 5Ks-no probs LOL PS: Great workout!! I thought this workout was worth sharing: /workout/5ae7581cce2d58002fb5c6df

16 hours ago

RIDE 9 in the series of 500 Rides only 491 more to go

21 hours ago

I thought this workout was worth sharing: /workout/5efebb5c4e32c8000702ea02

a day ago

I thought this workout was worth sharing: /workout/5eff41d6add1ae003ec6d2e7

a day ago

Was out for almost a year with a bone spur and now building back up using Tommy Rivers' Iberian beginner running series. Love this one, want to bust out and run more miles, but listening to his advice to ensure I don't hurt myself getting back in condition for running events again... A break with COVID-19 makes it a perfect time to get back in shape!

a day ago

Started the new member japan island hopping program today. Using this program in between my hard training days.

a day ago

This will definitely NOT be a clothes hanger. 😊

a day ago

I thought this workout was worth sharing: /workout/5eff0792933d4d0007f0516d

a day ago

All my cyber friends who have joined me on my NORDICTRACK S22i RIDING AROUND AMERICA I have changed settings so you should be able to post on page - All I ask is that you play nice my goal is to have a group dedicated to mutual encouragement and support also would appreciate if you follow my rides let me know with a like or comment in order to keep me motivated - After all breaking up 10,000 miles into 15 mile segments is a bit daunting look forward to seeing you there

a day ago

Trying to figure out how to video my 10,000 mile journey at NORDICTRACK S22i RIDING AROUND AMERICA for the less fortunate without an NT

a day ago

Just completed my 1,000th mile on my treadmill since joining the iFit system.

2 days ago

my system crashed twice in a row after my workout is completed and nothing is saved...

2 days ago

I set a goal of completing 24 treadmill sessions in 6 weeks. So far I've done 18. However, my goals in the dashboard says I'm not on track. I went back and looked. I've completed 18 in less than a month. So I still have 2 weeks to do 6. Seems to me I am ahead of schedule.

2 days ago

Hi everyone. Trying to get a hold on all the awesome features of our treadmill. I am looking for interval training for a 1/2 marathon. I am using an app on my phone13.1 from ZenLabs but on days where I need to run inside is there something similar on the iFit

2 days ago