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iFit Coach + Free Vue

Sign up for iFit Coach Mobile to get started with your unique, personalized fitness plan. Pay for a year up front, and you'll receive a FREE fitness tracker!

iFit VueiFit Vue[coach] App on your mobile device
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iFit Coach on Mobile

What You'll Get


Join with fitness trainers who'll give you step-by-step workouts, using your bodyweight or the fitness equipment you own.


Follow along with dietitians as they walk you through preparing gourmet, healthy recipes that fit in with your calorie goals.


Get those steps in! Our experts will get info from your fitness tracker, then give you tips on how to improve your activity.


Receive advice from sleep gurus who'll look at your sleep stats, then advise you on how to sleep more soundly each night.

iFit Nourish

Free trial

iFit Nourish

Enjoy a free trial of iFit Nourish and pay only $5 for shipping! You will receive one 15-serving bag, along with a shaker bottle. Personalize your own nutritional protein shake to fit your unique needs.

iFit Nourish

What's in iFit Nourish?

Drink up

14 fruits and veggies

Most protein drinks don't include your daily servings of fruits and veggies. Nourish changes the game with a whopping 14 delicious varieties!

25 vitamins and minerals

Can't stomach a giant horse pill of vitamins? Nourish gives you a leg up with many of your complete, daily vitamins and minerals.

High-quality protein

Depending on your unique blend, your protein could come from plants, milk, or other sources, but each one is top-quality and easily digestible!

Mobile phones using the iFit Sleep app.

$100 Sleep Sensor

Get sweeter sleep

For a limited time, the iFit Sleep Sensor is on sale! Snag it, then place it under your mattress to track your sleep cycles in detail.

Silver phone using the iFit Sleep app.
Silver phone using the iFit Sleep app.

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