Training - 5K Advanced

5K Event Training Program

6 Week 5K Training Program Crush your old personal best with our new 5K Advanced Training Program. If you have run multiple events and love to run, this program was built for an you. This program contains a mix of map, time, and distance based workouts. Certain days you will be assigned a specific number of miles to complete, other days you will complete a specific amount of time. The totals at the end of the week will reflect the amount of work you completed both in miles and in minutes. You can learn about the different workouts in the descriptions below. Rest or Cross Training Day General Aerobic walk/run: General Aerobic walk/run. This is a standard, moderate effort run/walk. The intention of this type of walk/run is to build your overall aerobic conditioning through boosting your training volume. Cross Training: Cross training can be weight training, plyometrics, pilates, yoga, etc. For free daily cross training workouts visit iFit Daily. REST: Sleep, hydration and good nutrition are all key ingredients of the recovery process. The better you recover, the more you will get out of future workouts and the more you will improve. Hill Intervals: Hill intervals are designed to increase power and running economy while improving form. These hills should be completed at 80%-90% effort with a full recovery in between. Speed Intervals: Speed Interval walk/runs improve leg speed and running form. Speed intervals should be done after a thorough warm-up and should be concluded with a thorough cool down. Make sure you are almost completely recovered before you repeat a sprint interval. Tempo Walk/Run: These walk/runs provide a strong stimulus to improve your lactate threshold. Why would you want to do that? By improving your lactate threshold, you increase the body’s ability to clear lactic acid from the muscle. This results in improved speed and endurance. A portion of these walk/runs should be performed just below your desired race pace. This run should be "comfortably hard". Recovery Walk/Run: Slow paced recover walk/runs. You should be able to hold a conversation during these workouts. This program was designed by iFit Head Master Trainer, Natalie Vetica.

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