iFit Nutrition Guide

8 Week Guide to Healthy Eating

8 Week Guide to Healthy Eating Welcome to the iFit® Nutrition Guide. This guide is your key to success! Following this meal plan will help you eat right and build lean, strong muscle. Designed to be simple and easy to follow, this guide outlines daily meals for 8 weeks. Each meal should take 15 minutes or less to prepare. The nutrition guide is not only about dropping fat and increasing muscle but choosing foods that are nutrient dense for optimal health. The foods in this guide will help increase your energy, athletic performance, speed and strength. Each major meal contains a lean source of high energy protein. Protein will aid in sustained energy, satiation and keeping hormone levels balanced. Within 2 weeks of adopting this plan, you should feel the difference of healthy, well-balanced meals! To personalize this meal plan, the iFit Nutrition Guide includes a Food Swap List. Replace everything from fruits to proteins with this approved list to customize your 8 weeks of eating right and building lean muscle! During the first four weeks, you’ll clean your system with a healthy, balanced diet so you burn fat. By balancing your hormones, you will be properly fueled for weeks five through eight. The last four weeks of the nutrition guide is built to increase and sustain muscle. These weeks include 1 additional meal and 1 additional snack. The Post Workout Meal must be eaten within the 20 minutes following your workout and the optional snack is available if you need more energy.

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