Scenic Marathon

Run from Big Sur to Carmel, California in 5 mile segments

Run five mile segments of this scenic marathon along the beautiful coast of California. You’ll escape to the rural parts of The Golden State’s wilderness areas, and even cross the Bixby Creek Bridge, one of Central California’s most iconic spots. From Big Sur to Carmel, you’ll curve through redwoods, wind through rolling hills, and enjoy spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean.

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  • 5.0 miles
    148.4 ft.
    738 cal.
  • 5.0 miles
    334.7 ft.
    755 cal.
  • 5.0 miles
    715.0 ft.
    750 cal.
  • 5.0 miles
    331.7 ft.
    753 cal.
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  • 6.2 miles
    343.2 ft.
    923 cal.
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