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  • 追踪See results from tracking your calories, miles and workouts.
  • 文章Enjoy blog articles with workout tips, recipes, and motivation.
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  • Google Maps™Simulate the actual terrain of any workout powered by Google Maps™.
    • 追踪All your completed workouts are automatically tracked for you.
      • 训练计划Download workout programs ranging from weight loss to marathon training.
        • 创建一个锻炼程序Build your own workouts personalized in helping you achieve your goals.
          • HD视频*健身的同时,通过高清视频观看来自世界各地的风光
            *Only on supported equipment
            • 折扣Save on popular brands with exclusive discounts.
              • 设置一个目标Set goals to push yourself harder and beat personal records.
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