Incline Trainer x9i

Burn 400 Caloriesin less than 25 minutes

Burn 4X the calories

With the power of incline training you can burn four times the colories. Burn nearly 400 calories by walking at 2mph for 20 minutes, it’s too easy not to get started.

  • C900 Pro Treadmill

    Interactive Workouts

    You won't even feel like you're working out with your sleek 10" touchscreen that allows you to view Google Maps, surf the web, or watch your favorite TV show.

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  • C900 Pro Treadmill

    Most Advanced

    Trainer in the world

    The perfect treadmill for every foot strike mile after mile. The reflex cushioning absorbs every impact keeping your joints and back protected and comfortable.

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  • C900 Pro Treadmill

    Muscle Toning

    With Decline Training

    Burn 4X the calories on the incline and define your legs on the decline. The decline helps add variation along with realistic training to your workouts to perfect your cadence and strengthen your legs.

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  • Dan
    Salt Lake City, UT
    " My favorite part is being able to walk anywhere I want in the world. And you can save you favorite "walks" and it'll show you your current position, the position of your best run and your average position.”
  • Sgreenia7
    St. George, UT
    " I loved this treadmill! It was so smooth and the belt was long enough that I didn't feel like I was running into the control panel. It has a video feature that makes you feel like you are running in Hawaii. So Fun!”
  • JinL
    Chicago, IL
    " I am so in love with this treadmill! I'm sure I'm not the only one that needs GREAT distraction in order to stay moving on the treadmill. Not as noisy as I thought it would be for such a colossal machine. Love it...”

x9i Incline Trainer

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