More Amazing Benefits

Personal Coaching

Let the world's best personal trainers coach you from the comfort of your own home.

Virtual classes

Get fit as you join on-demand classes in a virtual studio setting, led by energetic trainers.

Destination workouts

Stay motivated to reach your fitness goals with unique workout locations all over the world.

iFit Cardio tablet app

Enjoy the full iFit experience from your own personal tablet. Mobile app coming soon!

Incline-matching technology

Your equipment automatically adjusts to the incline and decline of your destination.

Street View images

Don't just stare at your wall—view incredible sights throughout your entire Google Maps™ workout.


What do I get with my iFit membership?

Why do I need to enter my credit card card information after I've already purchased my machine?

Can I use the iFit Cardio app on my personal tablet or smartphone?

What happens after my 30-day trial?
"iFit has absolutely changed my life! I started with the intent to lose weight, and now, I'm just focused on a better lifestyle and challenging my body every week. The people in the iFit community have been an integral part of my success!"
Joseph Mucci
"I started iFit's Spring Diet Plan this week after a long winter. I've also been working out on the elliptical, and I'm about to do a 5K color run!"
Sharon Walker
"I've been exercising with iFit for 4 weeks straight, and I love how I'm feeling! I'm so happy."
Michelle Fitzgerald