The simple wellness solution for your organization.

The simple wellness solution
for your organization.

Healthy employees equal happy employees.
And better business.

It's true. When your employees are healthier, they're happier. They're also more productive, less stressed, and increasingly loyal. With iFit Wellness, not only will your employees thrive, but so will your business. You'll get more quality work, pay less in employee absenteeism, and enjoy lower healthcare costs.

  • Create healthy living culture
  • Raise employee productivity
  • Increase employee health
  • Recruit and retain
  • Boost employee morale and loyalty
  • Lower healthcare costs
  • Activity Program

    Motivate your employees to stay active by issuing them an iFit wearable and an iFit Premium membership. The membership includes a variety of workout programs, plus nutritious meal plans and prepared grocery lists.

  • iFit Premium

    A Premium membership gives your employees the tools they need to set unique health goals and a plan to achieve them. This plan consists of personalized guidance, built by our team of expert fitness trainers, health professionals, and registered dietitians. You can be sure your employees are following a safe program designed to maximize their health.

  • Trackers Available

    Choose from an exciting collection of top-of-the-line fitness trackers for your employees. Our wearables track steps, distance, calories, sleep, and workouts. So whether they swim in the morning, cycle to work, or run outside, we have the ideal fitness band for each unique person in your company.

  • iFit App

    The iFit app allows your employees to continuously track their fitness progress. We'll send them daily, personalized recommendations for fitness, nutrition, and sleep, based on their goals and recent activity.

  • Quarterly Reporting

    At the end of every quarter, reports about your employees' fitness trackers will be sent to your human resources manager to help determine which employees have met your organization's requirements. iFit wearables have superior accuracy, giving you peace of mind with our reliable data.

  • Exclusive Discounts

    Your employees will have access to the entire line of ICON fitness gear at discounted prices, including:

    iFit enabled fitness equipmentAthletic apparelAltra® running shoesFitness accessoriesSleep products
  • Optional Programs

    In order to promote a well-rounded and healthy lifestyle for your employees, additional programs are available:

    On-site biometric screenings and online health assessmentsConsultation about on-site fitness facilitiesNutritional counselingSleep improvementErgonomic workstationsHealthy feetSmoking cessationEmotional healthSocial wellnessDiabetes management

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