Workout Anytime,Anywhere

iFit® brings a complete range of fitness experiences under one roof. Track your activities on your phone, at home, and in the club with a single login.

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On The Go

Convert your outdoor workouts to indoor workouts with the iFit® app, available on both Android and IOS. The app will automatically track every route you complete outside and upload to your account.

At Home

Access workouts powered by Google Maps™ and your iFit® ready fitness equipment will automatically adjust the incline/decline to match the outdoor terrain, while displaying Google Street View images.

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In The Club

Even when you’re not working out at home, you can still login to your iFit® account on any FreeMotion® equipment at the club and enjoy the same experience.

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The Only Fitness App You Need
iFit Premium$99 year or $9.99 a month

Activate your fitness equipment with workouts powered by Google Maps™, create your own routes, track all of your workouts, and choose from hundreds of exclusive training programs.