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Triathlete Kona

Didn’t have a chance to make it to Ironman Kona this year? That's okay cause we will take you there. Explore the lava filled Island while staying out of the humidity.

  • Intensity Level: Intermediate
  • Number of Workouts: 6
  • Number of Running Workouts: 3
  • 6.34 Miles or 10.20 Kilometers
  • 2.57 Miles or 4.13 Kilometers
  • 5.12 Miles or 8.23 Kilometers
  • Number of Cycling Workouts: 3
    • 13.23 Miles or 21.29 Kilometers
    • 8.16 Miles or 13.13 Kilometers
    • 9.77 Miles or 15.72 Kilometers
  • We’ve booked your trip to the Big Island for you!

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