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LOTOJA Classic

Ride the Official Race Course

Experience or train for the annual LOTOJA Classic race with this program built for bikes. Prepare yourself to do some climbing during the 206 mile course that starts in Logan, UT and ends in Teton Village, Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Enjoy the scenic, diverse and challenging course.

Workout Details

  • Equipment Type: Bike
  • Intensity Level: 5
  • Number of Workouts: 5
  • Total Miles: 206
  • Total Kilometers: 320

Google Maps™ for LOTOJA

Logan to Preston

  • 30 miles (48.28 km)
  • 196.6 ft. elevation gain

Preston to Montpelier

  • 44.2 miles (71.13 km)
  • 1,219 ft. elevation gain

Montpelier to Afton

  • 46.7 miles (75.15 km)
  • 259.3 ft. elevation gain

Afton to Alpine

  • 33.3 miles (53.59 km)
  • 0 ft. elevation gain

Alpine to Jackson

  • 45.8 miles (73.7 km)
  • 642.3 ft. elevation gain

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