iFit Running App

The perfect app for every run

Bring your Outdoor Route Inside

Go outside and start tracking your workouts with the new iFit Running App available in the App Store. Every workout that you track outside is uploaded and available to repeat inside on your iFit ready equipment.

  • Track every mile with the running app

    Track Every Mile

    Whether you’re taking a run around the park or on your favorite mountain trail iFit will continually track every mile, even when there is no GPS signal.

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  • Never miss a beat with the running app

    Never Miss A Beat

    Get the most out of every workout by staying in your targeted heart rate zone. With Bluetooth BLE technology, track your heart rate as it wirelessly syncs between your Bluetooth heart rate strap and iPhone. (iPhone 4S and 5 models only)

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  • Run more efficiently with the running app

    Run More Efficiently

    Get the most out of your run with a the CadenceMeter coaching you to the ideal stride. As the CadenceMeter keeps you efficient, let your favorite running playlist rock you through your workout.

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  • Lose calories and weight with the running app

    Log Calories and Weight

    By tracking your nutrition and weight you will achieve your goals faster. Track every calorie you consume and even your weight with iFit Running.

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  • acassanovadavis
    Rating: 5 out of 5
    " Love that it works outdoor & on my iFit treadmill”
  • Gary Brosz
    Rating: 5 out of 5
    " Very well design user interface. Intuitive and fun to use. Motivates you to go further! Ability to bring outdoor runs inside to the incline trainer is amazing!”
  • Heziakiah
    Rating: 4 out of 5
    " Great app so far. I hope to use it to get in the best shape possible for a 64 year woman. Look forward to using it everyday.”