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Reach your goals with the world's best trainers, right in your home.

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    With yoga, HIIT, hiking, tabata, speed, and more, discover workouts that interest you!

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    Keep up your motivation with new workouts daily, across all machine types.

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    With a constant flow of exciting and challenging workouts, you’ll never get bored.

Trainer-adjusted workouts

Your personal trainer will create your unique workout, then adjust your equipment’s speed, incline, and resistance automatically.

Always know what’s next

Never wonder about what’s best for you. Your trainer will tailor your workouts to your changing body.

Immersive experience

Without the need to push buttons or turn knobs, you’ll find yourself so engaged, it won’t even feel like a workout.

I’m decreasing your intensity, so we can recover before the big incline ahead.

We’re going to pick up the incline as we start going up this hill!

Just push through this last, steep stretch, then we’ll get to a nice decline.

Your personalized workouts

Your daily workouts are part of iFit's holistic fitness plan that will adapt to your improving body. Your trainers will adjust your workout intensity, recovery days, and calorie limits every day!

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More than 100 hand-picked trainers

Adventure with the best athletes in the business as they lead you through every step of your fitness journey.

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iFit Trainer Adam Pedicini leading a bike workout in the studio.

Adam Pedicini

iFit Trainer Aifric Keogh rowing on the water in Ireland.

Aifric Keogh

iFit Trainer Afonso Duarte Costa standing with his rowing oars.

Afonso Duarte Costa

iFit Trainer Anamaria Ramirez Biolley running in Costa Rica.

Anamaria Ramirez Biolley

iFit Trainer Anja Garcia leading a bike workout in the studio.

Anja Garcia

iFit Trainer Ashley Paulson leading a workout in Boston at the Boston Marathon.

Ashley Paulson

iFit Trainer Betina Gozo leading a workout in Antarctica.

Betina Gozo

iFit Trainer Briohny Smyth standing on a beach in Thailand.

Briohny Smyth

iFit Trainer Casey Zaugg riding a bike lift over a river in Norway.

Casey Zaugg

iFit Trainer Chris Clark running on a beach in Hawaii.

Chris Clark

iFit Trainer Desmond Nanchengwa standing with his rowing oars in Zambia.

Desmond Nanchengwa

iFit Trainer Gideon Akande leading a bike workout in the studio.

Gideon Akande

iFit Trainer Hannah Eden leading a dumbbell workout.

Hannah Eden

iFit Trainer Idalis Velazquez doing lunges during a workout in Florida.

Idalis Velazquez

iFit Trainer Jake Norton standing with an iFit flag on Mount Kilimanjaro.

Jake Norton

iFit Trainer John Peel standing in front of a boat in Thailand.

John Peel

iFit Trainer Jonnie Gale standing on a beach in Hawaii.

Jonnie Gale

iFit Trainer Kirsty Godso walking on a beach in Hawaii.

Kirsty Godso

iFit Trainer Kym Perfetto standing with her bike in Oregon.

Kym Perfetto

iFit Trainer Nicole Meline leading a bike workout in the studio.

Nicole Meline

iFit Trainer Stacie Clark running on a beach in Hawaii.

Stacie Clark

iFit Trainer Tanya Poppett running in New Zealand.

Tanya Poppett

iFit Trainer Tommy Rivers Puzey running in Morocco.

Tommy Rivers Puzey

iFit Trainer Zac Marion running on a dirt road.

Zac Marion

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