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Interactive. Personal. Training.

Thousands of exciting workouts

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Enjoy iFIT workouts FREE for 30 days!


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Global Workouts

Stuck inside? Travel with iFIT all over the globe to bucket-list destinations with workouts that follow the real-world terrain.

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Sample iFIT Workout Programs

List of 28 iFIT workouts.
  • Thailand Yoga & Strength Series

  • Quick HIIT, Cedar Grove, New Jersey

  • Iceland Strength Series

  • Marley Beach Strength, New South Wales, Australia

  • Playa Ostional Dumbbell Cross Training, Costa Rica

  • Hip Mobility

  • Jordan Yoga Series

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  • Arrow Glacier Camp to Crater Camp Part 2

  • Iberian Beginner Running Series

  • Split Rock Speed Play Walk, Providenciales

  • Serengeti Safari Series

  • Matira Beach Dumbbell Bootcamp, Bora Bora

  • Recovery Run, Plitvice Lakes National Park

  • Ancient Egypt Walking Tours

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  • Progressive Power Series

  • Endurance Ride, Patagonia, Argentina

  • Southern Utah Adventure Series

  • Goreme Ride, Cappadocia, Turkey

  • Hakata Island Interval Ride, Ehime, Japan

  • Red Beach Tempo Ride, Da Nang, Vietnam

  • Trollveggen HIIT Ride, Norway

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  • Lake Inniscarra, Ireland—Pyramid

  • England Power and Performance Series

  • London, England—Beginner Row

  • Glacier Beginner Rowing Series

  • River Thames, England—Dual Tandem Race

  • 20 Minutes to Toned

  • Dorney Lake, England—Speed Drills

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Live Workouts

Participate in real-time events and classes that will entertain and motivate you.

  • Race days

    Experience the thrill of live races as you join iFIT Trainers all over the world!

  • Leaderboard

    Compete against fellow iFIT members as you push your way to the top.

  • Automatically adjusted

    Whenever you join, your equipment will match the terrain of the race or your trainer’s instructions.

Improve with progressive series.

Whether you’re just starting your fitness journey or you’re training for a marathon, join a series of workouts that will gradually increase your fitness.

  • South Africa Foundations of Running Series

    iFIT Trainer Knox Robinson

  • ActivePulse

    iFIT Trainer Hannah Eden

  • Carolina Blue Ridge Adventure Series

    iFIT Trainer George Hincapie

  • SmartAdjust

  • Beginner Plus Bodyweight Cardio Series

    iFIT Trainer Ashley Paulson

  • Montana Meditations

    iFIT Trainer Nicole Meline

Feel the energy of Studio Classes.

From your home gym, experience the intimacy of a boutique studio with all the hype that will keep you going strong.

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Join a Studio Workout

Explore Google Maps™

Draw your own map wherever you want to go, then watch Street View images.

Your equipment will match the terrain of your chosen destination.

Explore new places or train for upcoming events—rain or shine!

Draw a map workout
  • Draw your map.
  • Experience the terrain.
  • Train from home.

More than 100 world-class trainers

Olympians. Ultramarathoners. Doctors. We’ve gathered the best trainers in the business to coach you.

Meet your iFIT trainersSkip trainer list
iFIT Trainer Adam Pedicini leading a bike workout in the studio.

Adam Pedicini

iFIT Trainer Susan Francia holding oars over her right shoulder.

Susan Francia

iFIT Trainer Tommy Rivers Puzey running in Morocco.

Tommy Rivers Puzey

iFIT Trainer Stacie Clark running on a beach in Hawaii.

Stacie Clark

iFIT Trainer George Hincapie with a bike helmet in a canyon.

George Hincapie

iFIT Trainer Briohny Smyth standing on a beach in Thailand.

Briohny Smyth

iFIT Trainer Anamaria Ramirez Biolley running in Costa Rica.

Anamaria Ramirez Biolley

iFIT Trainer Ashley Paulson leading a workout in Boston at the Boston Marathon.

Ashley Paulson

iFIT Trainer Zac Marion running on a dirt road.

Zac Marion

iFIT Trainer Dr. Evan Antin smiling in Africa.

Dr. Evan Antin

iFIT Trainer Desmond Nanchengwa standing with his rowing oars in Zambia.

Desmond Nanchengwa

iFIT Trainer Casey Zaugg riding a bike lift over a river in Norway.

Casey Zaugg

iFIT Trainer Dan Krauss in rock climbing gear beckoning you to come along.

Dan Krauss

iFIT Trainer Graham McTavish posing in a field.

Graham McTavish

iFIT Trainer Eylse Miller standing with his rowing oars in Zambia.

Eylse Miller

iFIT Trainer John Peel standing in front of a boat in Thailand.

John Peel

iFIT Trainer Hannah Eden leading a dumbbell workout.

Hannah Eden

iFIT Trainer Kirsty Godso walking on a beach in Hawaii.

Kirsty Godso

iFIT Trainer Tiki Barber looking off into the distance.

Tiki Barber

iFIT Trainer Kelsey Sheahan posing in front of some rocks.

Kelsey Sheahan

iFIT Trainer Nicole Meline leading a bike workout in the studio.

Nicole Meline

iFIT Trainer Gideon Akande leading a bike workout in the studio.

Gideon Akande

iFIT Trainer Ryan Petry riding his bike on a steep street.

Ryan Petry

iFIT Trainer Paulo Barreto poses with a lighthouse in the background.

Paulo Barreto

Average workout rating from our customers

4.75 out of 5 stars
Such interesting places and stories in these workouts!
Absolutely amazing and informative series—I loved every minute of it!
Combines your workout with an education.
I forgot I was working out!
Educational, moving, and so enjoyable!
Five stars!
I can't wait to start my next series.
iFIT Trainers help me conquer my mental and physical limits.
I felt like I was actually there with my trainer on each journey.
I got to take a bike tour of a castle?! Fantastic!
You are helping me become the best me!
Kept me laughing throughout my workout.
The time flies by!
It feels like you are working out with a really nice, knowledgeable friend.
These workouts provide access to places not available to the public.
A great combination of fitness and adventure.
Every minute of this hike kept me motivated!
A great way to exercise and pretend to travel at the same time!
I can't believe that I look forward to my daily workouts!
I always get excited about doing physical activity!

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