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Behind the Scenes: iFit Trainer Home Gym Studios

iFit Team

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We are very excited to introduce Live Workouts to our members. This new feature allows you to work out with your favorite iFit Trainers, live! Like many of us, they are working out from home right now, so all Live Workouts will be broadcast from their home gyms. 

We thought it would be fun to show you a behind the scenes tour of their spaces, so you can see their equipment and get excited to join them for a Live Workout. 

Ready for your tour? Here is a behind the scenes look at their home gyms!

Gideon Akande

Gideon is currently filming from his home gym in Chicago. You can check out his Live Body Burn Bootcamp rides on the bike. He’s also teaching a 30-minute live boxing class for some high energy cross training!

Hannah Eden

Hannah is broadcasting her Live Workouts from her home gym space in Florida. New to weight training? Join her Bodybuilding Basics Workout to get started on your strength training journey. Or, try her Peaks and Valley Workout on the treadmill! 

Elyse Miller 

You can join Elyse as she broadcasts from her home studio in Tennessee. Her Bikini Body Toning Workouts are fun, high-energy classes that will make the most of your time by working multiple muscle groups. 

John Peel

John Peel is bringing his signature style from his Arizona-based home gym! Join him for an Ab Blasting Strength Workout or a Functional Bodyweight Bootcamp Workout to really feel the burn. 

Ready to join a Live Workout with your favorite iFit Trainer? You can view the entire schedule by tapping the “On Air” icon on your machine or tablet. Or, click the button below for the full schedule.  

view schedule

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