Celebrate the Freedom of Movement with the Red, White, and Fit Challenge

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This month, we invite all of iFIT to celebrate one of the biggest blessings of being fit: the freedom of movement! Join the Red, White, and Fit Challenge this month and see what your body can do. All of the workouts in this Challenge are brand-spanking new!  Make the most of your life this summer by keeping your body ready for every hike, beach day, camping trip, and BBQ. 

Complete the workouts from your selected Challenge by July 31, 2024, and earn a digital reward viewable in your Trophy Case

Here are this month’s Challenges:

Treadmill and elliptical workouts

Explore beautiful black sand beaches and desert canyons while adding to your daily step tally with iFIT Trainer Alex Gregory in the new Walk the World: Martinique Series. Alex takes you on a journey through the “Island of Flowers,” immersing you in Martinique’s culture and stunning vistas.

Join the Red, White, and Fit Challenge: Walking

Bike workouts

Set out on 12 newly released workouts with iFIT Trainer Shannon Cooper in the Ride and Thrive Weight Loss Series. Follow Shannon in HIIT circuits, endurance rides, and hill climbs.

Join the Red, White, and Fit Challenge: Cycling

Rower workouts

Take on iFIT Trainer Casey Gilbert’s brand new Performance Zone Bootcamp 1 Series. Casey will keep you pushing through powerful rowing cadences and strength exercises to improve your strength and endurance.

Join the Red, White, and Fit Challenge: Rowing

Strength workouts

Join iFIT Trainers John Peel and Jorry Francis for beginner bodyweight HIIT workouts designed to be short for quick workouts or to add to the beginning or end of a cardio session.

Join the Red, White, and Fit Challenge: Strength

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