iFit Member Highlight: Barbara Forester

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Meet iFit member Barbara Forester!

Despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, Barbara quickly pivoted to an at-home gym solution with a NordicTrack rower and iFit. She was kind enough to share her experience with us, emphasizing the impact iFit had on her fitness goals. Here’s her story!

Barbara’s story

When COVID shut down the gyms, I didn’t know how I would stay healthy. After some research, I purchased the NordicTrack RW900 rower. I’ve always loved rowing, but with iFit, I had access to great Studio Classes and amazing outdoor locations. I could row with Olympic athletes in England one day, Boston the next, then zip on over to Zambia to dodge hippos and watch elephants drink on the banks of the Kafue River.

iFit Member Barbara Forester

Shortly after purchasing the rower, I learned I was pregnant with our second child. As an older mother, pregnancy has certain risks. Thanks to iFit, I was able to stay active until the day my son was born and quickly got back to working out. I’ve increased my activity levels this year and now try to complete three workouts a day. I’ve recently started adding more strength training classes and yoga workouts, as well. 

The best thing about iFit is that I can use the app for workouts on the go. Even though I only have the rower, I can still do the running workouts outdoors. Every day, I feel more in shape. Every day, I find another new workout to try or a new trainer who pushes my limits. I can’t wait to see how I improve over the course of the next year.

iFit Member Barbara Forester completes a running workout

Who is your favorite iFit Trainer?

Hannah Eden

What has been your favorite iFit series that you’ve completed?

English Channel Endurance Series with iFit Trainer Alex Gregory

How long have you been an iFit member?

I’ve been a member since April 2020.

What motto do you live by? 

It’s what we do when no one is watching that defines who we really are. You’ll never let yourself down if you work hard and do your best.

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