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iFit Member Highlight: Kathryn Netzel

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Meet iFit member Kathryn Netzel!

Searching for an exercise alternative during the COVID-19 pandemic, Kathryn discovered iFit after purchasing a NordicTrack treadmill for her home. Though battling the challenges of Multiple Sclerosis, she fell in love with running all over again and was able to make daily exercise a part of her family’s routine with iFit’s running, cycling, and other workout programs. Kathyrn shared her experience with us, highlighting the ways that iFit broadened her family’s horizons!

Kathryn’s Story

From starting as a simple quarantine alternative to the gym, iFit has transformed our family’s lifestyle into one that focuses on fitness and increased cultural awareness as we “travel” the world together with our iFit Trainers.

I have Multiple Sclerosis (MS), which makes it difficult to run on uneven surfaces and in the heat. When the pandemic hit, I bought a NordicTrack Commercial 1750 treadmill as an indoor gym alternative during quarantine. I quickly rediscovered my love of running (which had become increasingly difficult with MS) while exploring the world with the iFit Trainers. 

I’m so grateful to the wonderful trainers who make our family’s workouts exciting and fun.

About six months after purchasing our treadmill, we added a NordicTrack VR21 recumbent bike for my teenage son who has Cerebral Palsy and was recovering from orthopedic surgery. Our young daughter didn’t want to be left out, so she got in on the action by doing yoga workouts with me on the TV and mobile apps. 

iFit has become a regular part of our day, and I’m so grateful to the wonderful trainers who make our family’s workouts exciting and fun.

Who is your favorite iFit Trainer?

Tommy Rivers Puzey and Casey Gilbert

What has been your favorite iFit series that you’ve completed?

Germany Holiday Walk and Jog Series

How long have you been an iFit member?

I’ve been an iFit member since August 2020!

Are there iFit series you’re excited to do yourself or with the family?

I’m really excited about the Foundations of Running: Increase Your Speed Series in Africa with Knox Robinson. After plodding along at a steady pace for so long, it’s exactly what I need to take my running to the next level. The setting is beautiful, and I’ll be able to travel somewhere I would never be able to go myself. I am also loving the live 5K races each month, and the finisher medals are such a fun bonus! I’m planning to take my newfound racing confidence on the road this summer for some local and state in-person 5Ks and fun runs with my family. 

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