iFIT Trainer Highlight: Jonnie Gale

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iFIT Trainer Jonnie Gale has had a passion for fitness and athletics since he was young. After playing nearly every sport up until high school, he received an athletic scholarship to Weber State University, where he ran track and field. After college, Jonnie continued his rigorous fitness regime, primarily focusing on weight and speed training. That’s when he decided he wanted to help others train at an elite level. Today, Jonnie is not only an iFIT Trainer, but also wears the hats of fitness model and musician!

We recently touched base with “Mr. Jonnie on the Spot,” who shed light on his lifelong athletic career, pre-workout routine, favorite memories, and passion for music. Get the inside scoop on one of iFIT’s very first official trainers!

iFIT Trainer Jonnie Gale

When did your passion for fitness begin?

When I was a child, I had so much energy that my parents had to find something for me to channel it into. So, I began playing soccer, baseball, basketball, karate, football, and finally, track. I guess my love for fitness started as a child who just wanted to play!

In junior high, you were diagnosed with discoid meniscus. How has that impacted your fitness career?

I always noticed that my knees would kind of lock up every once in a while when I was really young. It would occur at random and work itself out fairly quickly, so I didn’t look too far into it. I finally had to have my knees checked out in my early junior high football career, as I had a few issues with them. After my first MRI, we found out that I had a small tear on my meniscus, which was quickly repaired. 

With that, I was also diagnosed with discoid meniscus. This condition was the reason why I had so many knee issues as a child. Discoid meniscus means that my menisci are thicker than normal and oval-shaped as opposed to crescent-shaped. Essentially, they’re more prone to minor tears. However, the discoid meniscus also seems to give me additional cushion between my joints, and the small tears are easily repairable without removing any of the menisci.

I’ve had two additional surgeries since my first one, which were all menisci repairs. I haven’t had surgery in well over a decade now, and aside from a bit of occasional chronic pain (especially as the seasons change), I’m able to do all of the things I want to do. 

How’d you get your nickname, “Mr. Jonnie on the Spot?”

This dates back to some of the very first POV workouts that we ever filmed. We flew out to San Francisco, and a team of us went out onto the beach to film the very first POV of the day. The director suggested that I choose a catchphrase or something similar that would help people remember me. 

When I asked him what he meant, he said, “I’m sure you’ll come up with something right on the spot, so let’s just start filming.” They counted down to action, and I introduced myself as “Your favorite iFIT Trainer Jonnie Gale, Mr. Jonnie on the Spot.” The name stuck, and the rest is history. 

iFIT Trainer Jonnie Gale coaching a race

What’s one of your favorite iFIT memories?

There are SO many to choose from. One of my favorites has to be when a bunch of the trainers went to Boston to launch the iFIT Coach commercial. We all met at a hotel room for a fitting, and they told us that they had selected the iFIT Trainers who would be in long, blue hoodies. Those being “trained” in the commercial would be shirtless, oiled-up, and looking really fit. Not knowing what the iFIT Trainer role would actually be in the future, John Peel and I wanted to be the shredded guys in the commercial!

We were selected to be some of the first iFIT Trainers, alongside Stacy Clark, who was also on that shoot with us. John and I were bummed about it at the time, as two other trainers got to be the oiled-up fit guys while John and I coached them in our hoodies. We had absolutely NO idea what was to come, the amazing places around the world we would get to see, the lives we’d get to impact, and the honor it truly was to be selected as two of the first iFIT Trainers. We’re not at all bummed about that commercial now!

As a world traveler, where has been your favorite place to work out? 

I think the most breathtaking place has to be Iceland! What an incredible journey that was. I’ve never seen such a vast and ever-changing landscape in my life! It was definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience. However, if I had to choose my all-around favorite place to train, it’s Hawaii. It’s our own little Jurassic Park, just a hop and a skip away.

What advice would you give to someone beginning their fitness journey?

“Mind over matter” all day! Your mind is so much weaker than your body, until it’s trained. Your body is capable of doing so much more than your mind tells you it can. You’ll always have that tiny voice in your head telling you that you can’t! You can’t go any further, lift one more, or climb any higher. However, you’ll be blown away by how far your body can go if you just get out of your own way. 

iFIT Trainer Jonnie Gale coaches a running workout

How do you keep yourself motivated, especially on challenging days?

If I find myself struggling to get going on days where I’m not all that motivated, I like to take a pre-workout or have a few cups of coffee. That always gets me up and moving. 

Tell us about your pre-workout routine. How do you prepare your mind and body?

Before you even begin working out, your body’s physiology begins to change. Your breathing patterns shift, and your digestive system begins to slow down. I like to have a mild pre-workout or coffee about 20 minutes before my workout. As I do, I like to listen to music and do a few breathing exercises to control my breathing as my heart rate increases. It’s all about focusing my mind on the fact that I’m in control of my body, motivation, and vibrational frequency. 

What’s something not many people know about you?

Some may not know that my first, true passion is actually music. I’ve been a musician since I was about 12 years old. I sang and played the drums, which eventually led to songwriting, rapping, and playing the piano. The new album is about to drop, so I’ll keep you all posted on the release date!

iFIT Trainer Jonnie Gale coaches a treadmill workout

Aside from the Wicked 10K, what else do you have planned for the rest of 2021?

I don’t have any other races scheduled for the year quite yet. You never know—if I see some interesting ones, I may consider knocking some more out. I’m going to return to the stage for some live performances and the release of my new album later this year! 

I also LOVE to travel. I have a trip to Cancun set in November, and I’m heading to South Africa in December. Before any of that, I’m tremendously stoked for my first trip to Virginia Beach to run the Wicked 10K with the whole iFIT family!

iFIT Trainer Jonnie Gale coaches a running class

Will you be getting spooky with Jonnie at the Wicked 10K? Whether you plan to do this race virtually or in person, you can start preparing for those tricks and treats of the race course now! For those new to racing, try the Run Your First 5K Series with Knox Robinson or the Surf City 5K with Sally McRae. If you’re a more advanced runner, try some of our other 10K running workouts, like the 10K Training Series Part 1 with Tommy Rivs Puzey or the Moab 10K Race with Jonnie Gale himself!

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