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Join a Live Workout—Outside!

Emily Doenges

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Have you tried a Live Workout yet? You can join your favorite iFit Trainers for this unique opportunity to enjoy fresh, new content! Our trainers are broadcasting Live Workouts from their home gyms on bikes, treadmills, and on tablets (using the iFit app) each week. For our treadmill users, they’re also filming Live Workouts outside. 

You can now accompany your trainer on workouts in their neighborhoods or on local hikes, giving you a new view as you train with them LIVE. Soon, you’ll be able to experience Live Global Workouts, too—filmed all over the world! 

These workouts are a wonderful opportunity to see the great outdoors from the comfort of your home. Best of all, you can scan the QR code at the beginning of your workout using your smartphone. Then, you can text questions or comments to your trainer, and they may be answered live during the workout.

Ever wonder what iFit Trainer Ashley Paulson’s favorite snack is? You can ask her! (It’s cheese puffs, in case you were wondering.) It’s just another way to interact with your trainer, ask all your burning questions, and have some fun along the way.

Ready to join a Live outdoor workout on your treadmill? Simply tap the “On Air” icon on your machine to view the schedule, or you can view the Live Workout schedule online to find a class that fits your schedule and your fitness level. You can also schedule a Live Workout from your treadmill, at, or on your tablet.

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