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Join our new Challenge: iFIT Summer Camp!

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Ready for some iFIT summer fun? We’re introducing a unique, new Challenge so you can make the most of the warm summer months with iFIT Summer Camp. Throughout the summer, we will introduce a new Challenge each month, as usual, but with a twist and some exciting surprises along the way! 

How the Challenge works

We will release a new Challenge each month at the beginning of June, July, and August. Each monthly Challenge will include 8 workouts, and you will earn a reward for completing that month’s Challenge. But here’s the twist: You have until August 31, 2021 to complete all 3 Challenges, so you have the flexibility this summer to complete them whenever it works for you.

That means you can complete the June Challenge in June or wait until July or August when it’s more convenient for you—the choice is yours!

How rewards work

Like a typical Challenge, you’ll earn a reward each time you complete that month’s Challenge. That’s a total of 3 rewards for completing each monthly Challenge, as long as they are completed by August 31, 2021. Complete as many Challenges as you’d like, but if you complete all 3, we’ll send you something special to commemorate your achievement: a limited-edition iFIT hat!

iFIT Summer Camp Challenge rewards

That’s 3 rewards total for completing each Challenge, plus a hat to help you stay cool in the heat this summer. 

You must complete ONE Challenge from each of the three iFIT Summer Camp Challenges. That’s one from June, one from July, and one from August. They do not have to be workouts from the same equipment type. For example, you can complete one Challenge on your treadmill for June, one Challenge on your bike for July, and one Challenge with strength workouts for August. You will still be eligible for your exclusive iFIT hat. 

You have until August 31, 2021 to complete all three Challenges to be eligible for your three magnets and limited-edition hat. There is a limit of one hat per iFIT member.

The June Challenge: Meet Your Counselors Challenge

To kick off iFIT Summer Camp, we are introducing you to your “Camp Counselors”—your iFIT Trainers! Ready to get started? Here are your curated workouts for the Meet Your Counselors Challenge! 

Treadmill and elliptical workouts

Walking Welcome: Get your body moving as you walk and begin your adventure with your iFIT Trainers. You’ll complete 8 walking and hiking workouts. Join iFIT Trainer John Peel as you hike through Canada and explore Shipwreck beach as you walk with iFIT Trainer Heather Jenson.

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Running Orientation: Become acquainted with your leaders as you run through workouts together. Tackle 8 running workouts, including joining iFIT Trainer Knox Robinson in Kenya and running alongside iFIT Trainer Tommy Rivers Puzey in Switzerland.

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Bike workouts

Cycling Welcome: Learn more about your iFIT Trainers with gentle cycling workouts to get your body moving. You’ll complete 8 workouts, like the Starter Cycling Series Workout in the studio with iFIT Trainer Ashley Paulson and head to Nevada for an interval ride with iFIT Trainer Yuri Hauswald. 

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Endurance Orientation: Go faster and farther alongside your trainers as you tackle more advanced rides. Expect 8 bike workouts including a speedplay ride in Utah with iFIT Trainer Eric Porter and a downhill ride in France with iFIT Trainer Tommy Rivers Puzey. 

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Rower workouts

Rowing Orientation: Get your feet wet as you meet your trainers and complete 8 rowing workouts together. Join Alex Gregory for a workout to help establish good rowing technique, head to Switzerland to work on your stroke rate with iFIT Trainer Barnabe Delarze, and more!

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Strength workouts

Opening Orientation: Begin your strength pursuit with 8 workouts to establish good form and strengthen your entire body. You’ll complete mobility drills in Antarctica with iFIT Trainer Chris Clark and build a strong foundation with iFIT Trainer Kelsey Sheahan!

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