Test Your Endurance With the Push Your Limits Challenge

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Embark on a journey through the world of endurance training and the triumphs that come with it, and join the Push Your Limits Challenge! 

Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just starting your fitness journey, unleash your inner athlete and achieve your goals with endurance-focused workouts, including a NEW Series from iFIT Trainer Knox Robinson in enchanting Ireland. Get ready to push past your comfort zone, break through barriers, and discover the true power of endurance!

Complete the workouts from your selected Challenge level by June 30, 2024, and earn a digital reward viewable in your Trophy Case

Here are this month’s Challenges:

Treadmill and elliptical workouts

Walking: Explore stunning canyons and build endurance with iFIT Guide Aron Ralston in the Slot Canyon Adventure Series. Join Aron for four beginner workouts as he shares his inspiring survival story and the beauty of canyoneering.

Join the Push Your Limits Challenge: Walking

Running: Join iFIT Trainer Knox Robinson for six advanced workouts in the new Foundations of Endurance Ireland: Part 2 Series. Build endurance through varied runs and hikes while learning about nutrition and injury prevention in Ireland’s stunning landscapes.

Join the Push Your Limits Challenge: Running

Bike workouts

Casual Riding: Embark on five beginner+ workouts with iFIT Trainer Jenny Fletcher in the Gran Fondo 55-Mile Race Series. Cycle through scenic Chattanooga at a steady pace and push your limits.

Join the Push Your Limits Challenge: Casual Riding

Amped Cycling: Join iFIT Trainer Ashley Paulson for six advanced workouts in the Ireland Coast to Coast Series: Part 1. Cycle the Wild Atlantic Way and boost your endurance with each ride.

Join the Push Your Limits Challenge: Amped Cycling

Rower workouts

Experience seven intermediate rowing workouts with iFIT Trainers Micheen Thornycroft and Desmond Nanchengwa in the Zambia Endurance Series. Improve your endurance on Lake Itezhi Tezhi and the Kafue River, surrounded by captivating wildlife.

Join the Push Your Limits Challenge: Rowing

Strength workouts

Join iFIT Trainers like Alex Morgan, Gerell Webb, and Casey Gilbert for beginner, intermediate, and advanced strength workouts to build muscular endurance with every powerful rep.

Join the Push Your Limits Challenge: Strength

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