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Spring Forward Challenge

iFIT Team

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Need some motivation to carry you through the spring season? You can continue your progress in 2021 with our Spring Forward Challenge!

iFit Spring Forward Challenge

This three-month Challenge is designed to help foster healthy habits and help you stay active so that you can reach your personal fitness goals throughout the spring season. You can explore new workouts in the iFit Library, and those workouts will count toward the Spring Forward Challenge while helping you achieve your 2021 iFit Milestones. You can track your 2021 iFit Milestones progress in the iFit app or on an iFit-enabled machine by tapping the “Challenges” icon.

To complete the Challenge, finish at least 12 iFit workouts each month from April 5 through July 4. Any iFit workout counts, including Audio Workouts, Studio Classes, Google Maps™ Workouts, Live Workouts, workouts on the iFit app, and iFit TV app workouts. Please note that manual workouts do not count toward this Challenge. 

Complete 12 workouts in each of the following monthly time frames: 

  • April 5–May 4, 2021
  • May 5–June 4, 2021
  • June 5–July 4, 2021

If you don’t complete 12 workouts in any month of the Challenge, you are no longer eligible for your reward. The goal is to stay consistent and complete those 12 workouts for each month of the Challenge!

Finish all of your workouts by July 4, 2021 to earn your exclusive reward. Join the iFit community as we spring into the season!

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