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The 3 Major iFit Experiences

Emily Doenges

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When it comes to working out, the iFit experience offers you variety, choice, and flexibility. You can choose from thousands of workouts in the Library in various workout types, and you can enjoy them from anywhere—home, the gym, on the go—you name it. Whether you have an iFit-enabled machine or not, you have options.

Here are the 3 main ways to experience iFit:

1. iFit-enabled equipment

iFit-enabled equipment comes in two forms: on your machine or via Bluetooth® Connectivity. On your machine means that iFit is built into your machine console, which grants you access to iFit workouts the moment you hop on your machine. With Bluetooth® Connectivity, your machine requires a tablet or smartphone to communicate with iFit. You’ll need to download the iFit app, then pair your device to your machine. Both of these options are fully interactive and by far the most connected experience, as your trainer is able to automatically adjust your machine for you.

iFit is included with the purchase of NordicTrack and ProForm equipment.

2. Non-iFit equipment

Don’t have an iFit-enabled machine? No problem! Whether you own another brand of fitness equipment or you’re on the treadmill at your gym, you still have access to iFit’s massive Workout Library. You’ll need to download the iFit app, then once you’ve found a workout, select Continue Without Pairing. Keep in mind, you’ll need to manually adjust your machine to match the trainer’s instructions, as there’s no pairing for this scenario.

3. The iFit app

Don’t have access to equipment at all? You can download the iFit app onto your tablet or smartphone to access the full Workout Library anywhere, anytime. This option is great for a plethora of scenarios, including travel, when you’re at home, or the gym.

Maximize your iFit workouts

There are thousands of workouts available in the Library that align with your fitness level, interest, and even your destination. Whether you want to slow things down with yoga and meditation or get your heart pumping with cardio, HIIT, and strength training, there’s a workout for you. You can even choose your setting, from the high-energy studio experience to Global Workouts in destinations all over the world. To learn more about searching and filtering workouts, click here.

Choose your workout type:

Strength training

Ready to strengthen your muscles? You can select workouts targeted toward a specific part of your body by searching for terms like “arms” or “legs” in the Library. You can also join one of our strength training series to make a commitment to increase your overall strength. 


Want to slow things down while still getting in an amazing workout? Choose from a variety of yoga sessions to target specific areas of the body or to enjoy a calming experience. 

Audio Workouts

You can complete these Audio Workouts outside, at home, or on your equipment. Our trainers will give you audio cues every step of the way. You can choose from cardio, yoga, and meditation workouts.

Meditation and sleep

Need to train your brain? These series guide you through the basic practices of meditation, intended to generate a calm and stable mind. There are also sessions geared toward helping you slow down at the end of the day and peacefully transition into healing rest.


Whether you own an iFit-enabled treadmill, bike, elliptical, or rower, there are plenty of cardio options available. Get your heart pumping and work up a sweat as you chase your goals alongside your iFit Trainers and iFit Guides. 

Choose your environment:

Global Workouts

You can travel the world from the comfort of home with Global Workouts. Choose your terrain or destination and then head out with iFit Trainers as you explore beautiful locations from jungles and beaches to waterfalls and mountains.

Studio Classes

There’s nothing quite like the energy of a studio workout! Expect a quick, focused workout with your iFit Trainer and an audience working alongside you. With encouraging trainers and incredible music, you’ll feel motivated as your trainer leads the way.

Live Workouts

Want a studio experience on your time? Join Live Workouts every day on your iFit-enabled bike and treadmill or when you use the iFit app. There are live classes available throughout the day, so you can join workouts when they fit your schedule. 

With iFit, it’s all about options. Whether you’re new to the iFit family or a longtime member, there’s plenty to explore and discover in the Library!

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