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What Is iFit?

Jordan N

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Your one-stop shop to understand all things iFit.

So you’ve heard of iFit. It may have been a brand icon on your new elliptical, or you might have purchased one of our wearables from Walmart. However you’ve heard of us, you’re in the right place to find out more.

With iFit, you can have many different fitness experiences. We take a holistic approach to your health, so there isn’t a single aspect of your well-being that we won’t strive our hardest to improve. For example, our iFit Coach membership will help you improve your exercise, nutrition, activity and sleep. Let’s review a little bit about iFit Coach.


When you work out with iFit Coach, you get a plethora of experiences to choose from. If you have iFit enabled equipment (such as a treadmill, elliptical, or stationary bike), you can view Google Maps™ that’ll take you to thousands of locations across the globe. We also have training programs that allow you to prepare for events. So whether it’s your first 5K or your fifteenth marathon, there’s a program for you! You can even upgrade to Coach Plus to get cross-training videos with top fitness experts that take you to exotic locations.
If you don’t have iFit enabled equipment, don’t worry! You can still access thousands of step-by-step workout videos, straight from your phone. Whether you have free weights, a yoga mat, or just want to do bodyweight workouts, simply tell us which equipment you own, and we’ll prescribe workouts that incorporates that equipment. We’ll also take into account your calorie burn goals, workout preferences, and even your sleep habits to help you get the perfect workouts to meet all of your health goals.


Coming up with healthy recipes can be extremely difficult. Looking up how good the ingredients are for you, seeing if you’ve got enough time to cook, and dealing with food allergies make it so difficult. iFit Coach has done all that work for you. You can filter the amount of time you have, food allergies, and even the type of cuisine you’re in the mood for. Next, follow along with video recipes that walk you through easy steps. Then, to log your calories and micronutrients, simply select the recipe and amount of servings you consumed in the app, and it’ll all be automatically logged for you. Easy, peasy!


Being fit means more than just one hour of exercise each day. Medical experts recommend that you get at least 10,000 steps in per day. Or you might have a distance goal in mind, instead. Whatever your goals are, iFit Coach’ll help you track it with the included free wearable, then give you daily suggestions on how to meet those goals.


An often-neglected side of your health is the amount of sleep you get each night. But many people struggle with how to get more sleep or don’t know how to improve the quality of their sleep. So with iFit Coach, your wearable will track your sleep habits, like your sleep cycles and number of bed exits. It’ll then give you tips from sleep experts that’ll help you wind down if you have trouble getting to sleep or give recipe and workout suggestions that’ll help you get sweeter sleep each night. Pretty awesome, isn’t it?

So go ahead and give iFit Coach a try, then give us a review! You’re gonna love it!

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