Heal your body with active recovery.

Sleep better with iFit

Individualized sleep advice

Receive a daily sleep plan to help you improve the quality of your rest.

  • Use your wearable or Sleep HR sensor to track your nightly patterns.
  • View detailed graphs about your light, deep, and REM sleep.
  • Enjoy daily tips and advice provided by iFit sleep experts.

Adjusts your fitness plan

Watch your personalized fitness plan adjust to maximize your recovery.

  • Watch your workout type change, depending on your quality of sleep.
  • Consume suggested, healthy meals that will improve your nightly rest.
  • Adjust your daily steps, according to suggestions, to feel more rested.

Improves your slumber

Enjoy the improved rest that comes from following expert advice.

  • Get a full recovery from your daily workout and activities.
  • Feel refreshed each morning as you follow your plan.
  • Relish your improved health, fitness, and recovery.
  • Sleep HR sensor

    Slip iFit's disk under your mattress to track your sleep cycles. As it syncs via Bluetooth® technology, you will get personalized feedback in the iFit Sleep app.

  • Heart rate

    Depicts your sleep cycles by continuously tracking your BPM

  • Respiratory rate

    Assesses your breathing each night to make you aware of any sleep issues

  • Sleep patterns

    Tracks your sleep time, awakenings, and bed exits to give you an overall sleep score

  • iFit wearables

    Track your sleep with your iFit wearable each night. View your nighttime cycles in easy-to-read charts, then receive customized advice in the iFit app.

  • Helpful tips

    Gives individualized, daily tips, based on your nightly sleep cycle

  • Meaningful goals

    Sets unique, attainable goals that can help improve your slumber

  • Comprehensive stats

    Keeps track of your personal sleep data in the iFit Coach app

Smart Alarm

Wake up ready to take on the day.


Available to use on both wearables and the Sleep HR sensor


Set a time frame, and the alarm will sound during the lightest part of your sleep cycle

Continual alarm

Sounds until you get out of bed, or if you get back into bed within 10 minutes

Sleep advice

Our sleep experts interpret your readings.

Suggest ideal sleep length and improvements

Automatically adjust your fitness plan

Remind you when to go to bed

Smart phones and a smart watch all using the iFit Coach app.

Integrating soon

Track your sleep using one of our top-of-the-line fitness trackers. iFit is also in the process of integrating Apple® HealthKit™ and Google® Fit™, so you'll be able to use your own device soon.

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