The Mind-Body Connection: Casey Gilbert Shares His Journey to Well-Being

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May marks Mental Health Awareness Month, a time to fight the stigma, raise awareness, and support the millions of people in the U.S. living with mental health conditions. Week 3 of the Fitness Month Challenge focuses on the mind-body connection, why cultivating a strong mind is just as important as building a strong body, and how you can take care of yourself—inside and out.  

We recently spoke with iFIT Trainer Casey Gilbert, who shared what well-being means to him, challenges he’s faced, and how it inspires his fitness journey. 

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Casey Gilbert in the Bryce Canyon Interval Series

Casey, how has prioritizing your physical fitness and mental health affected your overall well-being?


“I started prioritizing my physical fitness because it was something that made me feel good, made me feel calm, and made me feel productive. But I didn’t realize until a few years ago that I was also prioritizing my mental health. There’s been plenty of times when, if I’m stressed or anxious, I don’t find myself able to perform physically. Taking moments to breathe, be mindful, and check in with yourself can benefit your physical health. Taking a step back sometimes can help me move forward in my fitness journey.”

What inspired you to start prioritizing your mental health?


“Since diving into that passion and purpose of prioritizing my mental health, I found that my overall well-being has drastically improved. I’m able to show up more for myself and those around me, and it’s been quite the journey that I am looking forward to continuing.”

Have you experienced times when your mental health affected your physical fitness?

“Those who know me know that I’ve struggled for a long time with anxiety, depression, overthinking, and overwhelmed. I think that’s part of the human condition, and it makes me feel more human. When I share that on social media and with the iFIT Community, I’ve gotten an overwhelming response of positivity.”

How do you manage those feelings when they arise?

“As soon as I realize I’m not the only one going through it, I try to think about how feeling in that moment and being okay with that. It’s a fitness journey, right? We’re trying to build our bodies and get healthier. But it’s also a journey of the mind to figure out who you are and build on that.”

One last question. Do you have advice for people who want to create a healthy balance between fitness and well-being?

“Just like building your body, think of your mental health as a journey. You’re not going to flip a switch and have everything figured out, just like you’re not going to do one bicep curl and have Arnold arms. It’s a process, and practice makes progress. Also, be kind to yourself. It’s going to take time. You will have setbacks, but that’s the part of the journey. We’re here together. We’re experiencing life together, so have grace with yourself. You’ll get exactly where you need to be as long as you keep showing up and doing your best.”

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